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Body Jewelry

One of the many frustrations a lot of us have with finding new body jewelry is the lack of options readily available. Local piercing shops often only have a few pieces to choose from, and they’re either unimpressively made or ridiculously overpriced. What’s the point of piercings if you can’t customize the way you look? Body jewelry is meant for self-expression, but there’s only so much that can be expressed when you have to choose one of the only two pieces available. Stop wasting your time and your money on meager pickings and turn instead to a Body Jewelry Shop that celebrates diversity.

King’s Body Jewelry is an online shop packed to the gills with hundreds of options for tunnels, plugs, septum and nostril jewelry, lip jewelry, and plenty more. They were founded on the principle that body jewelry should be accessible to everyone, and it shines through in their massive selection and affordable prices. You can find high quality plugs for under five bucks, full three piece stretching kits for under ten bucks, captive bead rings and labrets under three bucks, and the list goes on. These are real pieces, not teeny-bopper mall store toys, and they are hand checked by King’s staff to ensure top quality and safety.

King’s is a body jewelry shop that goes above and beyond any you’ve seen before. They stock hundreds of beautiful pieces in a multitude of materials, from the usual steel and acrylics to the stunning organic woods and horn-bone pieces that are quite literally carved to perfection. Fans of the natural look can also find beautiful stone and gem pieces, including stunning amber plugs and abalone shell pieces that almost shimmer in the light. And of course you’ll find real silver and gold pieces there, as well as beautiful cubic zirconia. In short, if you can dream it, it’s probably waiting for you at King’s Body Jewelry.

Every piece sold by King’s is hand measured and guaranteed to be the correct size within 1mm of your order. This is even true for their hand made organic, stone, and glass pieces, which by nature are more likely to vary as each piece is unique. No matter how you customize your look, King’s will be there to make sure it fits like a dream.

Going beyond the jewelry itself, King’s also carries a wide range of aftercare products to help maintain your piercings and your jewelry. All of their products are completely sealed and entirely sterile, so you can use them without fear. You’ll find sea salt sprays for cleaning and healing piercings, stretching salves to treat your ears as you change gauges, Jojoba oil for moisturizing and thickening ear lobes as well as maintaining organic plugs, and much more.

King’s Body Jewelry is the most trusted body jewelry shop world wide thanks to their dedication to their customers. They’ve sold body jewelry to people of every continent (yes, all seven), and have a massive customer base full of satisfied body modifiers just like you. So many happy customers means thousands of good reviews for you to browse through and get a sense of their quality. Browse through their Instagram to see their pieces in action on real people, and log on to their site to find the perfect piece you’ve been looking for.

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