Apple Product Launch – A Spectacular Array of Gadgets on Display

Apple Product Launch

During its Worldwide Developers Conference starting on Monday at its campus in Cupertino, California, Apple (AAPL) is expected to unveil a “mixed reality” headset. Also, this headset combines virtual reality and augmented reality, where virtual images are superimposed on live video of the real world. Reeks of a new world order, no?

If Apple releases an AR/VR headset, it would be their most significant hardware launch since the Apple Watch in 2015. This could mark a new chapter for the company and change how millions of people interact with computers and their surroundings. Also, it is the biggest launch since the Apple Watch. 

A Long List of Softwares

At the developers event, Apple is going to make several announcements. They will showcase software updates for popular devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple might also give a glimpse into their plans for integrating AI into more products and services to keep up with the technology competition. Also, you can watch the event live on Apple’s website and YouTube, starting at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET.

A Long List of Softwares

Mixed Reality

Apple CEO Tim Cook is greatly interested in augmented reality, and now the company is ready to reveal its progress. According to Bloomberg, the upcoming headset, possibly named Reality One or Reality Pro, will have an interface similar to iOS. Also, it is one of the best augmented reality devices in the world as of now. 

It will offer immersive video, along with cameras and sensors for hands-free control through gestures, eye movements, and Siri. The device may also feature an outward-facing display, showing eye movements and facial expressions to enable interaction with others in a more natural way. What’s more, we are looking at an array of updates. 

Games, Business and More

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s upcoming headset is going to include apps for gaming, fitness, and meditation. It will also provide access to popular iOS apps like Messages, FaceTime, and Safari. With the FaceTime feature, the headset will create a virtual reality experience where users’ faces and full bodies are rendered, giving the impression that they are together in the same room.

Apple has a lot of aims with this launch. It wants new developers to come forward. Also, it wants them to develop new softwares free from the corporate leash. 

Mixed Reality

Price Tag

Now, the price tag of the device is quite hefty. $3000 is what you will have to shell out for it. Considering the cost of other products and services that Apple has, this one might appear to be a bomb. Of course, we understand completely why this should sound expensive. Apple devices have always been a bit on the hefty side of money. 

Apple is struggling to find a market. It does not matter how much goodwill they have. This headset costs a bomb. And there is nothing they can do to wriggle out of it now. Rumors of shifting to Artificial Intelligence are not helping them a bit.

New MacBooks

A mixed headset is not the best deal to have as of now. Apple is launching a new series of MacBooks that is going to change the genre. Also, users who want a good laptop will now have the chance to upgrade. All that we must see now is how they are going to market this. 

Apple is flexing its AI muscle for now. Also, people do not like it much, but who is to blame for it? They might unveil new products in the future. But for now, they will have to bear the brunt. Let us see what happens in the future. 

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