How many jobs are available in Marine Transportation? Know the list of unique job titles

How Many Jobs Are Available In Marine Transportation

Traveling in waterborne vessels is exciting. So how do you feel if you make a career out of it and work close to the sea or on the sea? But before that, how many jobs are available in Marine Transportation? More than ten thousand jobs are available; hence lots of vacancies to fill. 

When working in the marine transportation industry, you can spend most of your day traveling in ships and container vessels. It is a vital job because you help ship and deliver goods and services. There are also other services involved, and you have to manage it all based on your job position. 

If you want to know about job titles in the marine transportation industry, continue reading. 

How Many Jobs Are Available In Marine Transportation

  • Marine Engineer

Average salary per year – $75803 per year

If you fancy Marine Engineering, you can become a Marine Engineer. They are professionals who apply their technical skills to repair and maintain waterborne vessels. The field is also known as Maritime Engineering. They take care of the equipment on the ship and act quickly in case of a problem. 

Marine Engineer

There are many mechanical systems like propulsion mechanics, power generation systems, lubrication, fuel systems, water distillation and more. Therefore a Marine Engineer has to know the ins and outs of these equipment to do the job successfully. Depending on their expertise, the professional has to handle various waterborne vessels like foreign going dry vessels, dynamic position vessels, passenger vessels and more. 

You must do four years of Marine Engineering degree to become eligible for work and other necessary courses.

  • Deckhand

Average salary per year – $35,349 per year

The Deckhand in a ship should be ready to do the busy work at any time. Some of their job responsibilities are giving important information to the crew mates, maintaining vital equipment onboard, assisting the watch keeping duties and more. 


You have .to be ready to obey the important rules to become a Deckhand of a waterborne vessel. Also, you must be physically healthy and fit to move heavy equipment and have knowledge of maritime safety. You have to be able to survive the tough sea voyages. 

To become a Deckhand, you need certain certifications like Superyacht Deckhand Certificate, RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance, RYA VHF Radio, and other safety training certificates. 

  • Captain

Average salary per year – $82,477

You can become a Captain of a sea vessel, one of the world’s most prestigious jobs. They are a professional who oversees the transportation of passengers or cargo on boats and ships. Also, they must know the sea vessels’ technical aspects. In case of a hazard, they should follow all the rules and regulations to save the lives of their crew and passengers. So it is an important job. 


They should be in close contact with the United States Coast Guard to get updates about the weather and the locations. Plus, they should have a clear knowledge of maritime laws. 

To become a sea Captain, you should have good experience in other positions in a ship or boat. Also, having a graduate and postgraduate degree is a bonus. Should have a good understanding of marine craft communication, navigation systems and signaling. At the same time, being well-groomed and professional at all times is necessary quality.  

  • Naval Architect

Average salary per year – $93,370 

The Naval Architect builds and maintains the ships like the Marine Engineers. They work in the office and use computer software to do their work. Also, they go onboard to look at the sea vessels’ condition and check for any issues. They also maintain the sea vessels to prevent future damage. Further, they also specialize in submarine construction. They are part of the design and quality control of waterborne vessels. 

Naval Architect

You must be skilled in computer-based designs to become a Naval Architect. Plus, it would help if you had a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering. 

  • Marine Technician

Average salary per year – $37500 to $55000

If you enjoy working on the sea, you can aim to get a job as a Marine Technician. They are the professionals who keep the boat afloat. They should know how to repair all boats and be ready to work with the mechanical systems. Plus, they must be experts in repairing and maintaining the hulls, propellers, rigging, sails, navigation equipment and more. In this way, they have to keep the water vessels in working condition. 

Marine Technician

If you want to become a Marine Technician, get a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Acquiring a master’s degree will also help you get a good position. 

End thoughts 

How many jobs are available in Marine Transportation? There are lots of opportunities available for you in this field. So try hard and fulfill your dreams.