Trent Olsen: A Life Away From The Limelight

Trent Olsen
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Trent Olsen is a versatile genius. Indeed, he beautifully plays the piano. He is deeply passionate when it comes to jazz. Not only this, but also he is a remarkable artist. In fact, he writes too. He is an avid writer. He writes comic books. How interesting! Indeed, Trent is the man behind the series John Carpenter’s Asylum and John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night. Thus, he is a fertile young man who plays piano, is passionate about jazz, and pens down comic books. However, unlike his sisters (Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth) he prefers to live life low-key. He conscientiously avoids the eyes of the media. 

Trent Olsen age

Trent Olsen age
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Indeed, Trent’s sisters are real famous Hollywood faces. However, Trent did not take the same course. Nevertheless, he is well familiar with the Hollywood industry. Coming to the trending keyword Trent Olsen age, let us give you the answer to the question: how old is Trent Olsen? Well, he is 38 years old. Indeed, he has matured like fine wine. He has ripened into one of the most fertile geniuses out there. Trent came into the world on 6th May in the year 1984. The place of his birth is Sherman Oaks, California. In fact, Trent is endowed with German, Norwegian, and English roots. It will interest you to know that he is also of French and Italian descent. Thus all these spaces, roots, and culture coalesce into the rhizomatic consciousness of Trent Olsen as he invests himself in music and comic books. 

Trent graduated from the New York Film Academy, where he devoted himself to study screenwriting and acting. However, in stark contrast to his sisters, he did not attach himself to an acting career in the filmmaking industry. However, this does not mean we never experienced his performance on the silver screen. In 1989 (5 year-old Trent), he tried his luck for a role in Tales from the Crypt. In fact, he even passed the audition. However, his parents did not allow him to perform in the series. Indeed, it’s an unfair decision since Ashley and Mary-Kate initiated themselves into acting since they were really infants, only nine months old. 

Trent’s voyage in and voyage out of the film industry

We saw Trent on his sisters’ video series You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Sleepover Party and The Case of the Mystery Cruise. Trent beautifully played the big harried brother of the wonderful and mischievous twins. Indeed, it was a treat to watch Trent. In fact, we even saw Trent in the 2003 film Old School. Not only that but also we saw him in a scene with the rap enigma Snoop Dogg. However, Trent retreated from acting when he was twelve. 

In his formative years, Trent manifested interest in drawing and playing the piano. In fact, he was also committed to sports. It will please you to know that basketball, football, and baseball are his favorites. In spite of his hobbies, Trent showed an inclination for entertainment. He devoured That ’70s Show. In fact, he stated that he absolutely adores The Lion King. 

The sensitive side of Trent
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The sensitive side of Trent

In the past, Trent organized a road trip to collect money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Thus, Trent uses his media personality to do social good. Actually, he was motivated personally. A friend of his lost his father to the disease. Thus, Trent rose to awareness and organized a road trip to raise mass awareness regarding Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 

Trent Olsen height, Trent Olsen net worth

The 5 feet 8 inches tall Trent Olsen owns a staggering net worth of $650,000 US Dollars. In 2020, he was associated with the film Blinders and the TV series Comedy Corner. Would you believe that he has scripted the film Model Behavior? In fact, early in his college days, he played the host in movie review shows. 

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