Learn About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Character Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery
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Addison Montgomery is a very famous character from the ABC series, Grey’s Anatomy. If you like Addison from this series, then you’d know how savage she is. She’s someone who has a lot of fun moments in this series. Even if those are good or bad, there are lots of instances where the character of Addison has shone brightly. 

For those of you who don’t know about Grey’s Anatomy, let us tell you that it’s a very famous medical drama of ABCs. This is a very popular show because of its interesting mix of characters. So, Addison was one of the most intelligent surgeons in this series. 

Fans have mixed feelings about Addison’s character. She’s someone who’s very provocative, and extroverted, and rarely holds back as well. Of course, that includes a few shameless acts as well. So, if you want to know details such as Addison Montgomery husband, her moments in the series, and other facts, then you are at the right place. It’s time to dig into this article and find out a few facts about Addison. 

Here Are A Few Facts To Know About Addison From Grey’s Anatomy

Addison From Grey’s Anatomy
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Not a lot of people liked Grey’s Anatomy’s Addison at first. However, there are certain reasons for that. If you want to know about Addison Montgomery, then here are a few interesting facts to know about her life. 

1. Addison Confronting Derek

If you remember correctly, Addison’s debut in the show was priceless. She made the shameless move of embarrassing Meredith in front of Derek & Meredith’s colleagues. It’s also worth noting that Addison was the one to cheat on Derek at first. Later on, she came to know that Derek had also started seeing another woman. 

2. Who Is Addison Montgomery Married To?

The fans of Grey’s Anatomy have seen Addison dating lots of men, including Derek, Alex, Mark, and Sam. However, it seemed that love always escaped her. But things do change and the love life of Addison also followed that route. According to the sources, in the season 4 finale, we saw Jake Reilly, the man who finally turned it around for Addison. Yes, it was Jake Railley who became Addison Montgomery husband. 

Leaving Seattle & Its Memories
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3. Leaving Seattle & Its Memories

Addison was unlike any character in this ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. From the very beginning of the series or her debut in the series, she was always a combination of savagery and sassy skills. However, there were warm moments as well in her character for which people remember her. For example, we can’t forget her leaving Seattle and saying goodbye to her friends. 

4. Making A Comeback In The Season 18

A lot of people know about Addison Montgomery season 18 comeback.  After a decade, the character of Addison is finally back and back with a bang as well. If you want to know more about it, then let us tell you that she appeared on screen during the 3rd episode of the 18th Season of the show. She’s an iconic character in the show for sure.

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