Editable PDF: Programs for Reading and Editing PDF Files

Editable PDF

To open PDF files additional software – I know all about it. But many users will discover later that separate programs are needed to convert and edit these files when they need to make changes to the PDF file. In order not to install many programs for yourself and no longer wonder: “How to edit a PDF file?” – install PDF Annotator and easily make changes and transformations to files of this format. 

PDF Annotator has many tools to help you do almost anything with your PDF document: edit text, add notes and annotations, add photos. If your notes don’t have enough space on the page, you can save them to a separate . You can also highlight each place in the document visually in any way convenient for you: highlight it in color, underline it, and so on.

Download PDF Annotator to open PDF files

Download PDF Annotator to open and edit PDF files can be completely free. The program is in Russian, which will make working with it even easier. Moreover, the installer does not require treatment or an additional activation key. Just download, install and enjoy your productivity PDF annotator programs. It is also worth noting the increased ease of use: you can use not only a mouse and keyboard for editing, but also a graphics tablet! 

To make a final assessment of each application, let us again briefly describe its key features . Let’s start with unusual solutions.

SwifDoo PDF 

It cannot be called the most popular editor, but in our selection there were no other tools intended exclusively for home use. The main advantages of this software are ease of use, speed and low price.

We’ve dropped the editing features, but the developers promise to add them for free (for those who have purchased a license) with the next update. Knowing how SwifDoo PDF knows how to make products understandable to users, we believe that this program will gain popularity soon.

Wondershare PDF

It is not very popular in the CIS, but it constantly ranks high and receives the best ratings from Western experts. There is no localization in Russian, but the inconvenience is compensated by an impressive set of useful functions and additional features, lightning fast speed of making changes compared to the overrated Abby and Adobe products.

Soda PDF 

It looks like a breath of fresh air among template solutions. The authors are not afraid to experiment and add something new, but do not forget to “finish” the main functions and options to 100% quality and convenience. Additional options you will also like. You just have to try.

ABBYY PDF Transformer and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

Designed for the corporate segment, but requires powerful hardware to work, so it’s better to install something lightweight on office computers with WinXP. Each product has its own “chip”. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro is an “intelligent” cloud with configurable access parameters and an online editor where you can change text and insert notes. PDF transformer known for high-quality recognition and translation of text from images, a large number of formats for correct conversion.

Foxit’s advanced PDF editor 

This program will not please free software lovers. Yes, developers give away a high-quality viewer for free, but in the case of a PDF creator they are asking for a lot of money, by our standards. Nitro PDF Reader and Master PDF Editor look like decent but cheaper alternatives. They even outperform Foxit in many ways.

You may ask why we said that Nitro PDF Reader costs less, although in fact the prices vary by almost half in Foxit’s favor. Paste PDF editor surprises with an interesting approach to the interface. It’s beautiful and pleasant, but not over the top. The features are good too, but something is missing. Fortunately, the project is still developing.

The list of programs could be supplemented with the SwifDoo PDF tool and other interesting solutions, but we will devote a separate article to them.

In conclusion

Almost no other electronic document format can compete with PDF in terms of prevalence in the digital world. After all, PDF files contain not only texts but also a wide range of graphics. And all this guarantees that you will be able to play on any computer with high quality, without distortions.

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