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Make Up 2019
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Make up 2019 movie is a beautiful drama and psychological thriller film that centers around a young woman who suspects that her boyfriend has cheated on her. So, a lot of people have watched a film and they have a lot to say. So, if you are someone who wants to know more about this film, then you are at the right place. 

Well, in order to know about this film, we shall take a look at the basic plot or synopsis. Thereafter, we can also take a look at the cast of the film. So, without further ado, it’s time to take a look at what this Make up movie is all about. 

A Short Synopsis On The Film Make Up

A Short Synopsis On The Film Make Up
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So, the film is about a young woman who travels to Cornwall to live with her boyfriend. The duo began to live at the holiday park in Cornwall where the young woman’s boyfriend works. Gradually, the girl begins to suspect that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. 

This British thriller film focuses on the seaside holiday park where strange occurrence fills the air. The quietness, without the constant hum of activity, engulfs the entire area. In fact, the gloomy atmosphere pervades the area making it look lifeless. It’s this unique and lifeless setting that we have the teenage Protagonist, Ruth. 

She is an outsider who tries to fit into this caravan site. In fact, it’s worth noting that Ruth traveled from Derby to join her boyfriend Tom. However, a few instances give rise to her suspicions. 

So, we can see that this film Make-up is a compelling mystery tale that centers on the trope of obsession and fascination. We see a woman who is also an unreliable narrator. The strange residents of the area create a sense of uncertainty. 

In addition, the listless, lifeless, stagnant air of Cornwall benumbs the essence of life. Ruth becomes a woman whose suspicions only grow stronger as the bizarreness of the world embraces her. 

The Cast Of The Film Make Up

The Cast Of The Film Make Up
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Make up 2019 has a set of a wonderful cast that does the work really well. If you want to know about the cast of this film, then let us tell you. So, Molly Windsor, who plays the character of Ruth shines in this drama. It was a role that enabled her to perform exactly as she intended. 

Apart from her, we also have Joseph Quinn as Tom, Ruth’s boyfriend. Joseph has earned a lot of reputation recently with his portrayal of Eddie in the Netflix horror drama, Stranger Things. So, apart from them, we also have Stefanie Martini as Jade, Theo Barklembiggs as Kai, Elodie Wilton as Kippa, and Lisa Palfrey as Shirley. 

That’s not all, there are a lot of other cast members who did their roles really well. Overall, it’s a beautiful film that makes it worth a watch. If you want to watch Make up 2019 movie, directed by Claire Oakley, then you won’t be disappointed at all. 



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