Transform Your Home into a Plant Paradise

Plant Paradise
Credit: Scott Webb via Pexels

The pandemic has inspired a lot of people to become self-professed plant parents. They started by brightening up their homes with one potted plant — and then, as time went on, their rooms started filling up with lush green ferns, succulent terrariums and dangling vines. 

Do you want to join this home design trend? Read these tips on how to transform your place into a plant paradise. 

Add Something to Every Room

Start by putting at least one potted plant in every room. Add it to an empty shelf, place it on a desk or nestle it into an unused corner.

Make sure that the plant is a good fit for the room. For instance, the best houseplants for bathrooms will be ones that can handle humid environments. Your steamy morning showers will help them grow!

Take Advantage of Your Windows

Most of your plants will need plenty of sunlight to thrive, so move them to your windows. You can grow your own herbs by your kitchen’s window, line succulents across your home office’s window and add blooming orchids to the bay windows in your reading nook. You can even decorate the outside of your windows with window boxes full of bright flowers like petunias, begonias and geraniums. The possibilities are endless!

Bring In More Light

Maybe your home doesn’t have enough windows. There’s a way to fix that! Take a look at these greenhouses and solariums to see which sunroom designs grab your interest. Either one of these additions would greatly increase your home’s access to natural sunlight and boost its storage for greenery. 

Which one is the better addition to your home? It depends! If you really enjoy testing out your green thumb and want to put together an entire garden, then a greenhouse is the right choice for you. If all you want is a comfortable room that’s chock-full of plant decor, then you’ll want to pick a solarium. 

Go Vertical

Set your sights on your walls and ceilings. They can offer some exceptional real estate for your plant décor. Hang your pots of ivy from the ceiling, letting the vines drape down. Arrange your snake plants and pots of aloe vera on floating shelves. Use a bookcase to organize your plant collection, displaying everything from your peace lilies to your pothos plants.

Fake It

Sometimes, you’ll want to decorate with greenery that only looks natural. Fake plants are the perfect décor for parts of the house that don’t provide enough warmth or sunlight to keep real plants happy and healthy. Think of areas like your hallways, your basement or your attic. 

How can you decorate with fake plants? You can add planters of plastic plants to your tables and shelves. You can design a faux plant wall that will make one side of a room look like a dense forest canopy or overflowing flower garden. Or you can make a gorgeous accent wall using wallpaper with a natural pattern like monstera leaves, English roses or lily pads. 

It’s time to bring the great outdoors indoors and decorate with as many plants as you can manage.