How to Style Braided Wigs: Tips from the Pros

Braided Wigs

As a hairstylist with over ten years of experience working with braided wigs, I’ve picked up a few tips and methods. Braided wigs are becoming increasingly popular as a fashionable and low-maintenance protective hairdo, but they need some ability to manage. In this article, I’ll give my best braided wig style methods. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be sporting stunning braided wig styles in no time! 

Choose a High-Quality Braided Wig

The foundation for any great braided wig look starts with selecting a high-quality wig. Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and they last significantly longer than synthetic wigs with proper care. For styling flexibility, choose a wig with loose braids that you can easily manipulate. A wig between 20 to 40 inches in length provides the most styling options. 

Prepare Your Natural Hair

To give a smooth basis for wearing the wig, braid your natural hair down into cornrows. Make sure your braids are nice and that they are flat on your scalp. To achieve the greatest results, have your natural hair braided by a competent hairdresser. FANCIVIVI braided wigs can provide additional protection for your natural hair, although they are not required when styling braided wigs. 

Secure Your Wig Properly

Securing your wig properly is critical for achieving the most natural look. To keep the wig in place, most braided wigs come with adjustable straps or combs. Adjust the straps so that they are tight but comfortable. You may also use bobby pins, clips, or wig tape to secure the wig to your cornrows for increased stability. Make sure the wig is fastened evenly and smoothly all over your head. 

Trim and Shape the Braids

Trim and Shape the Braids

FANCIVIVI box braid wig is secured, and you can trim and shape the braids to your desired length and style. Carefully trim each braid one by one using sharp hair shearing scissors. Trim at an angle for a more natural finish. You can also layer the braids by making the back longer and trimming the crown and sides shorter. For a tapered cut, trim the back and sides closer to the scalp. Be very careful not to cut the wig cap underneath! 

Style the Hair at the Crown

The crown of your braided wig, where the braids originate from, requires some extra styling attention. You’ll want to fluff the hair at the crown and loosen up tightly braided areas to create volume and make it appear as natural as possible. Use a tail comb to gently lift and tug on braids at the crown. Pinch and twist small sections to create light twists and texture. Finish with a light spray of holding spray to keep everything in place. 

Regular Care and Maintenance

It is essential to care for your braided wig in between styles to keep it looking its best. To retain the shape, carefully detangle the wig after each use and lay it on a wig stand or model. Synthetic wigs should be washed and air dried every 4 to 6 wears. Human hair wigs should be washed and deep-conditioned every 6 to 8 wears. Heat instruments that have the potential to cause injury should be handled with prudence. With regular care and attention, FANCIVIVI 36 inch box braids  may last at least 1 year.

Touch Up Styling

For events or times when you want an extra styled look, do some touch up styling on your braided wig. You can: 

  • Trim and reshape the braids for a new look.
  • For an updo, make cornrows or twist braids around the sides or head. Pin up the braids with bobby pins and let the remainder of the braids fall down.
  • Flat twist or braid two sections of hair at the front and sides to create a half-up, half-down look.
  • Add loose curls and waves to the ends of the braids with a wand curler. To avoid damage, spray with a heat protectant beforehand.
  • For more volume, tease the roots at the crown and create a bump hairstyle with the sides pushed back.
  • Create a stunning new design by experimenting with different zig-zag portions, horizontal cornrows, or triangle box braids.

box braids


And remember, for the most natural looks, always keep proper installation, maintenance and blending at the top of mind. Happy styling!

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