Start Shipping Overseas Cheaper With These Tips

Shipping Overseas Cheaper

International package shipping makes it possible to send a parcel to almost anywhere in the world. And shipping overseas isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it. You simply pack your items and hand them over to the carrier. The bigger issue is that it’s not cheap.

Do you also find shipping overseas expensive? Then, it’s time to master these little tips and tricks on how to start doing it cheaper!

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Reduce package weight

It’s natural that shipping to Germany from the USA will cost more than shipping to a nearer country. And there’s very little you can do about your destination country as you can’t change the distance. But you can make changes to your parcel.

When shipping overseas, package weight is very important. The less your parcel weighs, the cheaper it’ll be to send it. And the best way to reduce package weight is to use appropriate packaging. For instance, choose bubble mailers over cardboard boxes.

Boxes are essential when shipping fragile items or larger goods. But for small ones, a bubble mailer is enough. It’ll keep the weight of your package low as you won’t need to add extra padding for safety.

Be careful of package dimensions

Another thing to keep in mind if you wish to ship internationally cheaper, is package dimensions. Carriers don’t always rely on the heaviness of a parcel to estimate the international shipping cost. They also consider the dimensional weight. And if it exceeds the actual weight of your package, you’ll be charged based on it.

That’s why you need to be mindful of package dimensions, too. Bubble mailers are great for this purpose. But even if you’re using a shipping box, you can reduce the price of shipping overseas by selecting the right one.

For the safest and cheapest package delivery, the box should be only a few inches larger than the item. That’s enough space to add cushioning materials for protection. And not too much space for the goods to roll around during transit.

If you have any doubts about how package dimensions or weight might affect the shipping cost, you can always check it in a shipping rates calculator. It’s a great tool that might help you decide which modifications to your parcel would be the most beneficial.

Pick economy shipping

Usually, carriers offer more than one shipping option and two of the most common are express and economy shipping. As the names suggest, express shipping is faster. But it also costs more. Economy shipping allows you to save money but is slower.

The express option might be very tempting when you’re shipping to Europe from the USA. After all, we’re already used to fast domestic deliveries. And with the bigger distance, the waiting time increases naturally. But speed isn’t always the most important.

If you’re looking for cheap international shipping, you should opt for the economy option. It might be slower, but it’ll save you money. So always try to consider what is more important to you – speed or the price. 

Consolidate packages

One more trick to save on package shipping is to combine items in one shipment. You might be hesitant to put all your goods in one parcel in fear of exceeding package weight and size limitations. But shipping many small packets often may be more expensive than consolidating them.

The key here is to be smart. You can always measure your parcel, estimate the shipping cost and then compare the prices to see which option is more beneficial financially.

Compare shipping rates of different carriers

There are many companies that provide international package shipping services. And they offer different shipping rates. So do your research and compare them to select the best international shipping company.

Just be cautious and don’t simply hunt for the cheapest rates. They aren’t the only determinant to assess which carrier best matches your needs. Be sure to check what benefits come with the price and whether the company can be trusted at all. You might end up paying twice if your parcel gets ruined because of the unprofessional international shipping service provider.

Comparing shipping rates of different carriers is a good way to find an affordable service and to avoid scammers. If the offered price is unbelievably low and differs too much from the cost proposed by other companies, chances are that it’s a scam or a low-quality service.

With some effort and consideration, it’s possible to make shipping overseas cheaper. Just pay attention to the tips and tricks described above and you’ll easily save on sending items internationally.