Top 8 Irish Singers You Should Check Out

Irish Singers

Ireland has produced numerous singers who have attained a name for themselves through their own merit. In fact, Irish singers are extremely popular these days. When we mention Ireland, the first thing that comes to our mind is its folklore, scenic beauty, beaches, rocky cliffs, and more. However, associating music with Ireland is another thing that we can also do. Music is poetry, and Ireland means poetry. In other words, the poetic grandeur of Ireland can be best felt through its songs. 

Now, several Irish singers have come into the mainstream. However, it has to be said that they haven’t forgotten their roots. So, in this article, we shall talk about the singers from Ireland who have become popular. We will provide the fans of music with a list of some of the renowned musicians from Ireland. So, without further ado, it’s time to dig into this article and find out all you need to know about Irish music. 

Here’s A List of the Irish Singers

So, as we mentioned earlier, Ireland has numerous singers and each of them has their own signature. However, the Irish root is common. Apart from the scenic beauty, Ireland has also produced lots of talented singers. So, this article provides a list of Irish singers. 

1. Val Doonican

Val Doonican

The first Irish singer on our list is Val Doonican. According to the sources, he was one of the best singers from Ireland. Born in 1927, he has left behind a legacy. The style, rhythm, and melody of his songs have a captivating effect. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that he focused on country songs, pop, and folk genres. In fact, he also ruled the UK singles chart. His relaxed singing style was one of the highlights of his music. So, fans may like to check out his albums, and singles, including, Val Doonican Rocks, Walk Tall, The Special Years, and more. 

2. Siobhan Fahey

Siobhan Fahey

So, the next singer on our list is Siobhan Fahey. According to the reports, she is also a very famous Irish singer and songwriter. People know her best as the vocalist of the bands Bananarama and Shakespeares’ Sister. She has a light contralto voice and her music is a fusion of rock, pop, and EDM. She puts a heavy emphasis on the melody and catchy hooks in her songs. There’s no denying the fact that her soulful voice reaches her fans. So, her famous tracks, such as I Don’t Care, Venus, Stray, etc are noteworthy. 

3. Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle

Next on our list, we have Nadine Coyle, who is also an awesome Irish singer. According to the reports, she gained fame as a member of the girl group Girls Aloud. So, being part of this group, she achieved 20 consecutive UK top 10 singles as well. Moreover, she also traversed a solo career and sold numerous records. So, if you are a fan of her music, then you may remember her awesome debut album, Insatiable. Nadine’s powerful voice, catchy hooks, and catchy hooks of her songs are famous. In addition, one should also know that she has appeared in various celebrity shows, such as Celebrity Big Brother.

4. Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan

So, a lot of people know Lisa Hannigan as a soulful singer from Ireland. The Irish singer gained recognition for the first time as the backing vocalist for Damien Rice, a renowned Irish musician. In addition, it’s also worth noting that she released her debut album Sea Sew in the year 2007. So, due to her amazing album, she also won Irish Album of the Year. Fans can attest to the fact that her music is known for its emotion. In addition, she also has a delicate voice. Her songs transport her listeners to her own world. 

5. Johnny Logan

Johnny Logan

Sean Patrick Michael Sherrad aka Johnny Logan, is an Irish singer and songwriter. According to the reports, he came under recognition for the first time after winning the Eurovision song contest twice. His songs, What’s Another Year and Hold Me Now, were the reasons why he won in the first place. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that he wrote many songs for other contestants, such as Why Me. Outside the contest, he also wrote numerous songs as a recording artist. So, fans love his songs for many reasons. He mainly sang pop and soulful music. His introspective songs were the reason why he gained prominence as a singer. 

6. Danny Hutton

Danny Hutton

Next on our list of wonderful Irish singers, we have Danny Hutton. So, according to the reports, Danny Hutton has earned fame as an Irish-American singer and songwriter. In fact, fans might know him the best as the lead vocalist of the band, Three Dog Night. Moreover, he is also the co-founder of the band. Apart from that, he has also worked on a few solo albums and collaborated with other artists in his life. 

7. Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan

Shane McGowan, a fine Irish Musician, is known as the lead singer and songwriter of the punk rock band, The Pogues. Even though he is from England, he moved to Ireland. People follow his music because of the raw energy that he possesses. As an Irish singer, he made full use of traditional Irish folk elements in his music. Fusing Punk rock with Irish folk music is something that he has done tremendously well in his life. 

8. Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Last but not least, let’s talk about another fine Irish singer, Niall Horan. So, fans know Niall as a very successful singer from Ireland. He is known for his pop and folk musical style. In fact, he rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction. Later on, he embarked on a solo path. So, as a solo artist, he released his first album, or debut album, Flicker in 2017. 

He is a singer and songwriter who focuses a lot on the themes of love, personal growth, positivity, and relationships. Moreover, he also masterfully blends folk, pop, and acoustic instruments into his songs. Furthermore, Niall has collaborated with numerous top artists in his career, such as Lewis Capaldi, Maren Morris, and more. 

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