How to Create a Sociable Garden

Sociable Garden

Especially in summer, gardens are ideal spaces for socializing, whether you’re sharing a drink or having a barbecue. There are multiple ways that you can create an inviting space for intimate and large gatherings alike. The aim of the game is to decorate the space to make it appear cozy, whilst simultaneously creating spaces in which people are able to gather. These are key features when it comes to designing a welcoming atmosphere and, in their absence, it will become increasingly difficult to create a sociable garden. So, how can you about achieving a sociable outdoor space? 

Install Artificial Lawn

Artificial Lawn

When it comes to socializing outdoors, nothing is more daunting than grass or gravel. This is because wearing heels presents great difficulty on these terrains. However, solid paving can appear quite cold and uninviting, meaning that there’s only one way to create an ideal space for socializing. Whether you’re in California or Kent, artificial grass is a great turf when it comes to building an area for the purpose of socializing. You can be sure that your heels won’t sink into synthetic lawn, and it won’t end up being muddy and slippery. Artificial grass is amongst the safest and most convenient outdoor turf solutions. 

Design an Outdoor Living Room

You’ll struggle to find a room that can rival the comfort of your living room, so why not bring this ambiance outdoors? Cozy outdoor sofas are the best way to achieve this comfort, but just make sure that they’re properly covered when they’re not in use. Without proper care, they will fall victim to the elements, and the area will no longer feel effortlessly comfortable. It’s best to design this area on some decking with a veranda, as this ensures cleanliness and protection. As well as sofas, you might include outdoor tables, rugs, lighting, and other decorations. 

Create Various Seating Areas

When having guests round, it’s likely that they’ll form groups in small spaces that are filled with seating. Therefore, you can accommodate this behaviour by providing an array of seating. Whether you opt for outdoor sofas, benches, or outdoor dining tables and chairs, seating is an integral feature of allowing your guests to socialize. Even if the space you have available is relatively small, you should be able to squeeze some seating in there. This will be the ideal space for intimate gatherings regarding drinks and conversation. Each seating zone should ideally cater to a different purpose so that everyone is gathering for the same reason.

Build an Alfresco Kitchen

If you’re hosting a gathering, it’s likely that you’ll be catering to your guests. Depending on where your kitchen is situated within your home, it can be difficult to transport food between the kitchen and garden. You can help reduce this complication by building an outdoor kitchen. This could include a fridge/freezer, a barbeque, and a bar, in order to set your garden above the rest when it comes to socializing. You can even take it to the next level and install a built-in outdoor pizza oven. When building this, you need to consider the whereabouts of the sun as this can affect your outcome, particularly when dealing with food. 

Bring in a Fireplace 

The biggest downfall about socializing outdoors is that temperatures can drop significantly, making it quite uncomfortable. Therefore, you can combat this by installing a fireplace. Not only is this sure to keep your guests warm, but it creates a focal piece of the space, creating another area in which people can gather. On top of this, you can spend your nights toasting marshmallows as a sweet treat. You can also add to this ambiance using throws, cushions, and candles.

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