Dip Powder Nails Ideas to Try This Season

Dip Powder Nails Ideas
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This season, try some dip powder nails ideas to touch up your fingers. You may not believe it, but a manicure well done can last a full two weeks. Who doesn’t like something like that? This is precisely why when the idea of dip powder nails first dropped, it sounded like nothing short of a miracle.

It is DIY and a thousand times better than gel nail polish. But there are a lot of misconceptions and questions about dip powder nails. Are they safe to apply? Can you try more than one type for your nails? We discuss some of the key features below. 

What are Dip Powder Nails?

First of all, what on earth are dip powder nails? So dip powder nails are a hybrid of the regular mani and the fake acrylic nail. Sounds confusing? According to celebrity manicurist Erica Marton, you can also call them diet acrylic.

After applying the base coat activator and before the topcoat sealant, dip your nails into a jar of powder. The color can be of your choice. The resultant mani will last anywhere between three to four weeks. As an added health benefit, no UV light is required to firm the polish. 

The trend is not new but it is fast gaining traction among enthusiasts. Many nail salons offer cute dip powder nails ideas these days. Now here is the other thing. Dip powder nails may not be the healthiest choice for you if you do not take great care to use ingredients that are not harmful. The technique should be flawless as well.

If the salon you visit does not use a credited manufacturer, you can end up doing more harm to your nails than good. So it is always advisable to avail the services of someone who knows what they are doing. 

What are Dip Powder Nails?
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Some Starter Kits

The Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit is one of the most popular dip powder nail kits you can find. It’s a very basic kit and helps you jump on the bandwagon with great ease. Instead of painting your nails pink, it renders them a bright, bold red in no time. If you are someone who likes flaunting those perfect nails at the party and the workplace, go for this kit without much ado.

The Azure Beauty Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit is yet another gorgeous set. It has such an incredible variety that you will be spoilt for choice, surely. Black, brown, gray, and plum are only some of the hues it has. Furthermore, it also contains stunning silver and white to create French tips. 

The third entry in this list is the Aikker Dipping Powder Nail Kit. This one is for you if you simply can’t get enough of glitter. This comes with 12 dip powder colors and contains all the accessories you need to create a powder manicure from start to end. From turquoise to burgundy, you can get it all in this powder kit. You can invest in the Aikker Dipping Powder Nail Kit. 

The Revel Nail Fabulous in French Four Color Start Kit will allow you to create a French manicure that will last pretty long. But if you want a French tip in some more shades, make sure you invest in the Revel Nail One Dip Wonders Four Color Starter Kit. Don’t worry about removing the dip powder from your nails. Just use an electric file and soak off the remaining in acetone. 

Some Starter Kits
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1. What are some cute dip powder nails ideas?

You can use glitter to touch up the dip powder nails. 

2. Are there some summer dip powder nails ideas?

French tips and multicolored nails can help a lot. 

3. What are some dip powder nails ideas spring?

In Spring or Summer, you can try any pattern on your nails. 

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