Top 12 Pokemon Watch Order Series

Pokemon Watch Order

These are the top 12 Pokemon Watch Order series. Pokemon is a super popular anime series loved by many. The writers did a smart job expanding it, making it the highest-grossing media franchise ever. It’s like a big brand on its own. The anime episodes are fascinating and simple, each with a different story that fans enjoy in their free time. But some of you might be unsure about the order to watch the episodes. Also, you need to watch the series in a certain order. You will derive the most entertainment from it. 

Indigo League

In the Indigo League, Ash Ketchum starts his journey to become a Pokemon master. He’s determined and ambitious. He meets his rival Gary and faces challenges. But this is just the beginning of the exciting story. Ash’s ultimate goal is to be the best with his partner Pikachu. He’ll win every challenge that comes his way. His adventure is full of excitement and fun. Also, this is the original story of Pokemon that you must watch to understand the rest. There is a fair amount of episodes here. You will have a great time watching them one by one. 

Adventures in the Orange Islands

In Adventures in the Orange Islands, Ash and his friends move to a place called Orange Archipelago, also known as the orange islands. They aim to collect many badges in the challenging orange league. This league is highly competitive and filled with exciting Pokemon battles. People admire the orange league a lot because it showcases some incredible Pokemon. If you want to see Ash at his best, this is the season to watch. He will achieve amazing things in this adventure. Also, this is one of the best arcs in the world regarding Pokemon. 

Indigo League
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The Johto Journeys

In The Johto Journeys, Ash is determined to participate in the Johto league. He keeps moving and facing new challenges with his Pokemon. This is where Pokemon becomes one of the longest-running anime series ever. Fans see that each season may have Ash in a new place, battling new gyms with different Pokemon. Even though it may sound repetitive, the show stays exciting with its new Pokemon and thrilling battles. The audience will enjoy the fresh and engaging storylines. Also, you will love this thrilling arc very much. It has great character building as well as friendships. 

Johto League Champions

In Johto League Champions, Ash, Brock, and Misty are in Cianwood City, aiming to be the best Pokemon trainers. This season is incredibly fascinating for viewers. We witness the best Pokemon trainer ever, making the show stunning. If you like quality more than quantity, this is the season to watch. The competitiveness is truly amazing. Also, this is a really great continuation. You get to meet lots of new Pokemon as well as other characters. All in all, it is a really great story arc and you will enjoy it. Try to watch all the episodes in strict order. 

Johto League Champions
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Master Quest

Master Quest starts with Ash and his friends reaching the Johto League. It’s the final part of the original series and full of amazing entertainment. Our beloved characters will face tough opponents, like Gary Oak, and they need to give their best to win. The competition is intense, and Ash has to be better than his opponents to avoid defeat. It’s a thrilling and exciting season for all fans. Also, it is one of the best arcs in the Pokemon series. You can binge watch all of it. Or you can go slow and take it one at a time. 


Advanced has 40 exciting episodes that you must watch. It aired from November 2002 to August 2003. This season is shorter than some others, but it’s packed with action. Ash reaches the Hoenn league and begins a new journey, battling amazing warriors who will change the show’s course. Don’t miss this thrilling adventure. Also, you will love this arc if you have seen all the previous episodes. The arc is really exciting and full of adventure. There are a lot of different Pokemon and characters here. Ash has a lot of character development here.

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Advanced Challenge

In this season, our friends are excited to compete in the Hoenn league and collect badges in this new region. We’ll meet new Pokemon that will spark our curiosity. The show’s storytelling is captivating, and we’ll encounter two new evil groups, Team Magma and Team Aqua. This series will change how you see the anime’s story. Don’t miss out on watching it. As you can see, it is a rather interesting combination. Also, the upcoming leagues are quite interesting. You will barely contain your excitement for the series. Moreover, you will root for Ash and his team along the way. 

Advanced Battle

Make sure you’ve watched the last two seasons of the story to understand it better. Ash Ketchum is close to competing in the Hoenn League. He needs to collect the final two badges to secure his spot. Meanwhile, the ribbon competition, the Hoenn Grand Festival, promises exciting matches. Our characters aim for victory, but trouble lurks behind the scenes. Stay tuned for an action-packed story. Also, it is one of the best story arcs in the world. You must watch it to believe in it. But make sure you are caught up with the rest of the series. 

Battle Frontier

In the Battle Frontier season, Ash aims to collect all the Frontier Symbols to compete in the Battle Frontier. It’s a thrilling challenge for fans as Pokemon trainers give their best, shaping the way things work. The formidable opponents called Frontier Brains present a tough task for Ash Ketchum. Get ready for an exciting battle. Also, this is one of the darkest episodes in the series. You will love it nevertheless. The plot is really nice. So is the character development. It is all rich and layered. Also, you will not have much problems dealing with it. 

Advanced Battle
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Diamond and Pearl

In Diamond and Pearl, the anime gets serious with its story. This season introduces the Sinnoh region and Ash faces strong opponents. He also encounters a powerful Pokemon Trio that can change the world of Pokemon. The season has many mysteries to unveil, making it a must-watch for fans who love high-quality content. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure. Also, Diamond and Pearl is where things start getting serious. You will love the suspense and buildup. Also, it is one of the best arcs in the series. Thus, make sure you do not skip any episode. 

Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension

In this season, Ash continues his journey in the Sinnoh league and faces more exciting challenges. The show is amazing and offers great entertainment for the audience. Ash will participate in the Wallace Cup, a traveling contest, and also in the conventional Pokemon Contest. In some episodes, the team will be associated with the Pokemon Summer Academy. It’s a must-watch season for all Pokemon fans. Also, Ash is much grown up now. He knows his strengths and weaknesses a lot. Moreover, he knows where he must go for training. This is where he starts becoming a Pokemon trainer for real. 

Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Dimension

This season is going to be thrilling as the main characters face off against each other. The show will focus on their competition and it promises to be exciting from the beginning. This season has a smooth transition from the previous one, making it more captivating than others. The evil gang, Team Galactic, plays a major role in the story, as they try to make significant changes in the world. Get ready for some goosebumps as you watch this action-packed season. Also, it packs a great punch. 

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