The Revival of Urdu Poetry & The Exchange of Cultural Values at KLF

Urdu Poetry

In the world of constant changes, the Urdu cinema and Urdu Shayari should be protected and preserved at all costs. Within the passage of time, people tend to forget the roots and tend to ignore the very journey they began from. Here we’re talking about the very beginning of the Urdu poetry and cinema and the struggles it faced when it just began and started to expand its roots.

The forgone Urdu poetry

The Urdu poetry has been valued throughout the generations and has been preserved for decades. The work by the famous Urdu poets and authors has been appreciated by the fans of Urdu Shayari through the years. Famous poets like Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Hafez Jalandhari are some of the most prominent poets that Pakistan has witnessed though the centuries. Karachi Literature Festival proudly organizes the events that help in reviving the pure essence of Urdu language. The seminars conducted at KLF help you learn a lot about the writings of old famous Urdu poets while increasing your interest in the pure Urdu Shayari.

The mushairas that are held at the Karachi Literature Festival, are a treat for the fans of Urdu Shayari who listen and enjoy these mushairas with immense interest. In these mushairas, great work by the great artists are read, discussed and shed light upon by the important speakers that are hosting the events. Famous couplets and ghazals by writers like Ghalib and Mir are read out loud and the guests are more than welcome to share their favourite couplet by their favourite writer.

The revival of Pakistani music

The importance of revival of the Pakistani cinema industry is an essential need in the current situation where the Pakistani film industry is struggling to strike back better than ever. KLF conducts various events that primarily help in highlighting the importance of the revival of Pakistani film and cinema industry. These events not only focus on the revival of heritage films but also talk about the great work being currently produced in the industry.
Prominent artists are invited to attend these events for the sole purpose of the revival of the film industry. These artists have a great impact on the audience as they’re well known for their amazing work as well as have a great fan following which leads to a great number of people attending the event. The artists that attend the Karachi Literature Festival include Anwar Maqsood, Fatima Surayya Bajiya, Kishwar Naheed, Bushra Ansari, Munawar Saeed, Asif Raza Mir and many more. The artists tend to do their best to revive the forgotten Pakistani cinema industry.

Karachi literature festival greatly helps in exchanging the cultural values amongst the people of Karachi by highlighting the importance of literary festivities and education. The various events and book launch at the Karachi Literature Festival help the Karachiites to exchange the exceptional ideas relating to Urdu poetry, literature and theatre.