Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World Many Times – 1 ✔️

Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1 introduces the main characters and presents the captivating premise of the light novel.

Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1 has become popular among fans due to its captivating story. In fact, the author has delightfully mixed a plethora of elements to produce a compelling narrative. So, as a result of this, many readers want to know more about it. However, if you are completely alien to this, then you might want to know what this is all about. According to the reports, Summoned to a Parallel World is a famous novel. The first chapter has become the talk of the town. 

So, that’s why a lot of readers want to know what’s this chapter or the novel all about. If you are curious, you’re at the right place. Here we will share all you need to know about the Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times novel. For example, we will share details about the characters and other stuff. So, now’s the time to follow this article and get all you need to know about this novel. 

Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

An Overview Of Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

So, for those of you who don’t know about the narrative of this novel, let us share some amazing facts. According to the reports, this novel features the character Keiki Kiryuu who gets summoned to a parallel world as a hero to save the princess. However, the narrative sees him as only a high school student with zero interest in girls. So, once Keiki successfully returns to his world, he continues to be summoned on a daily basis. 

Every time the same thing happens: He finds himself in life-threatening situations. However, every time, he manages to find a way to tackle those situations and return back home. In other words, it’s like being a hero is nothing but pain for the central character. However, one day, he meets a girl who changes his life for the better.

As we can see from the plot, it’s a general Isekai trope where a character goes to another world and lives their life accordingly. So, we have our protagonist, Keiki, who goes through a series of adventures almost on a regular basis. However, the monotony of his life changes once he meets the girl of his dreams. Audiences simply like this novel because of the compelling plot and unique characters. 

Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times Chapter 1

Each character in this story has a purpose. Moreover, if you are a lover of the Isekai genre, then you will like the narrative as well. It has all the flavors of love, adventure, slice of life, fantasy, supernatural, and more. If you want to know more about the story and the characters, then you read further through this article. 

A Look At The Main Characters of Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times   

So, now that we know about the plot, it’s time to take a look at the captivating characters. According to the reports, there are four main characters in this story. These four characters get summoned to a parallel world. However, they have different backgrounds and motivations.

  • Sora


Meet the protagonist of the story, Sora. She is a high school student who gets summoned to a parallel world multiple times. So, as we know, her goal is to find a way back home. Moreover, she wants to prevent herself from being summoned ever again.

  • Aqua


The readers get to know about Aqua in Summoned To A Parallel World Many Times chapter 1. So, the story introduces Aqua as one of the close friends of Sora. In fact, just like Sora, she also gets summoned to the parallel world. However, she doesn’t remember the reason of this. While she possesses a kind and caring nature, Aqua can exhibit impulsiveness at times.

  • Kairi


The next character we meet in this story is Kairi, again one of the close friends of Aqua. According to the reports, she was born in the parallel world and she never left it. In fact, Kairi comes off as a strong and determined lady in the story. Yet her actions can be reckless at times. 

  • Riku


The fourth and final character of this story is Riku. So, if you follow the story, you’ll find out that she is the older brother of Kairi. According to the narrative, he was born in a parallel world. However, he left it when he was younger. Since then, he has become a powerful sorcerer. So, the narrative sees Riku as a serious and independent character. However, he often displays distant air. 

How Were They Summoned In The Story?

If you follow the story you will see that there are characters who are born with the ability to see beyond the veil of what’s real and communicate with otherworldly beings. In fact, they are also famous as summoners in this story. Some cultures believe that everyone has the power to summon people. However, it’s also true that it’s a skill that one must hone in their life. 

Through years of practice and arduous training, summoners can learn to open themselves up to the other dimensions of existence. In fact, they can call forth creatures to do their bidding. Others also believe that summoners are chosen by multiple spirits. There’s also a saying that when a spirit is looking for a vessel to possess someone or a tool, to help achieve their goals, they will find a way to enter the summoner’s dream and form a bond. 


So, the Summoned To A Parallel World chapter 1 has provided us with a glimpse of the story and the characters. The first chapter sets the premise and promises a captivating journey. In fact, it also explores a plethora of stuff concerning the vast Isekai world. Overall, it’s a fascinating novel and it’s the perfect story for Isekai lovers.

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