Top 7 Text Marketing Benefits No Advertiser Should Overlook

Top 7 Text Marketing Benefits No Advertiser Should Overlook

Text marketing is often overlooked in the advertising industry. While most advertisers focus on other techniques, this hidden gem comes with a bunch of benefits that no one should overlook. So, what are the main text marketing benefits and how can they improve your business? 

High open rate 

No matter who you get a text from, you will open it. When it comes to emails, chances are you will delete all the advertising ones without even reading them. Plus, many emails go straight to the junk folder – no such thing for text messages. Simply put, according to JookSMS, text messages have an open rate of over 98%, which is a serious advantage over emails. 

Mobile friendliness

These days, more and more people stick to mobile devices when it comes to accessing the Internet. They shop and make transactions over their mobile phones, which are easily taking the industry over. From this point of view, text messages are mobile friendly. They are easy to read and they come with clickable links for advertising.


Compatibility is also among the text marketing benefits that lots of people overlook. Text marketing does not have to be the only way to do things right. It works perfectly with other marketing techniques – in fact, it enhances your marketing campaign. Use it to promote a product, provide a discount to online shoppers or perhaps advertise your new social media page. 

Customer engagement

Text marketing may look like a great option to engage with your buyers. However, on the other hand, it also gives your customers an option to engage with you. An email is general, but a text message is more personal. People associate text messages with friends and family, as they do not depend on an Internet connection. You become part of their lives then. 

Value for money

Sending a text message is inexpensive. Even when you send hundreds of them, the price will still be accessible. Most people have hundreds or thousands of free texts a month. Deals are even better for businesses. Compared to buying ads, text messages represent an excellent option to keep your budget under control. 


The demographic is not always relevant when you own a local business. But if you also sell online, text marketing allows reaching an impressive demographic. Different strategies target different segments. For example, not everyone checks their emails on a daily basis. There are people with no social media accounts whatsoever. But then, pretty much everyone relies on mobile phones these days.


Most marketing techniques are fast, but text messages are almost instant. You know for a fact that your customers will get the text within seconds only. Plus, you can involve into text messaging straight away. You do not need to prepare any templates, graphics or materials. You only need to think about your message and shoot.

Bottom line, these are the main text marketing benefits out there. They make it pretty obvious – text marketing is appealing and can be extremely efficient when done right.