9 Biggest Challenges Faced By Marketers in 2022


The year 2020 was trying and turbulent for everyone. The pandemic particularly affected business owners. In addition, Lockdown restrictions forced many brick-and-mortar businesses to close, either temporarily or permanently. Other companies had to move their operations to the digital scape. As a result, SEO, content marketing, and social media have been increasingly competitive for both new and established digital marketers. So, based on the past trends, what should digital marketers and online businesses expect in 2022?

Let’s look at some of the most prominent challenges that marketers need to overcome this year.

Knowing Your Customers

The need to target your audience in 2022 and beyond is more crucial than ever. With SEO and paid advertising becoming more competitive, you cannot afford to waste time and money on broad or nonspecific keywords.

A buyer persona can be an effective tool for targeting the right audience, as it can help you visualize and better understand your typical customers. You can use many tools for this, such as HubSpot’s Make My Persona tool, which facilitates the creation of buyer profiles. Similarly, you can directly get involved with your customers. For example, you can create polls and ask your customers questions on your blog and social media pages.

Qualified Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeline of every business. Many service-oriented companies strive to increase their targeted leads by 2022, resulting in a competitive market. Additionally, the cost of paid advertising, such as Ads on Facebook and Google, is likely to rise. Therefore, companies are looking for slick marketers who have a knack for creativity and possess a Marketing MBA Degree.

Savvy marketers will develop strategies for generating less costly leads, such as LinkedIn networking, video marketing, and hosting interactive events such as seminars or virtual conferences. However, when lead generation becomes more competitive, you have to provide solid value to prospects before you can expect to close a sale.

A Way to Stand Out

It is increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out from the competition as the business landscape changes and new companies emerge. The market is becoming more competitive with each passing year.

Consumers can now see more advertisements than ever before, as more businesses put emphasis on digital marketing, and businesses are having a difficult time standing out and differentiating themselves.

Therefore, you should refresh your brand for 2022. Your brand will be more recognized and attract more customers if it is well-defined. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with brand awareness because their brand no longer represents who they are as a company or no longer resonates with their target market.

Financial management

During economic downturns, businesses may face cash flow issues. For example, if the 2022 holiday season becomes profitable, consumers might pull back their spending for a long period of time. As a result, businesses and marketers will have to be careful about managing their cash flow. Trimming unnecessary expenses and staying lean will help. In many cases, moving part or all of your business online will save you money on costs such as office rental or retail space. In addition, businesses with regular, steady customers might consider invoice factoring as a creative financing option.

Analyzing data to predict outcomes

Prognostic analytics will become more prevalent in 2022 than ever before. According to different research, nearly two-thirds of marketing teams plan to implement predictive modeling next year.

To do this, marketers must first ensure that their data is accurate and integrated. It is impossible to achieve either of these things without a certain level of analytical maturity. Unfortunately, most marketing teams still rely on manual data processes to get insights from their data, which is unfortunate since very few marketers have really attained analytical maturity.

E-commerce demographics are shifting

There is no doubt that in the e-Commerce industry, we are seeing more and more executives and key decision-makers aligned to target consumers by their age.

Because of this, they are more comfortable taking risks and experimenting with new platforms, channels, and strategies because they are more familiar with the constantly evolving digital landscape.

How will this impact the world? Rather than merely supplementing real-world offerings with e-Commerce, the mindset has shifted to putting e-Commerce strategy at the forefront of their marketing and overall business rather than being purely supplemental. Data, experimentation, and real-time analytics must be combined successfully for that shift to happen.

Producing Engaging Content

Digital marketers will continue to rely on content marketing as it continues to evolve. Content that educates and points prospects in the direction of a solution is always in demand by prospects and customers. Among the content that will be especially popular in 2022 are short videos, live broadcasts, podcasts, and Instagram and Facebook stories. Furthermore, interactive content is gaining popularity since it allows people to express their opinions.

Developing mobile-first strategies

Online shopping and browsing are more prevalent on smartphones and tablets than ever before. A few years ago, marketing experts advocated mobile-friendly approaches. Nowadays, mobile-first marketing is the norm. Take advantage of the ever-growing mobile market by ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. Make sure all features work on multiple devices. Make sure that customers can easily place items in their online shopping cart, check out and pay on mobile devices. Mobile users should know that large images and videos may take longer to load.

Keeping up to date with Google’s algorithms

In 2022, Google’s dominance as the most popular search engine is unlikely to change. Rather, the company is expanding its digital empire. Search engine giants regularly release new features, rules, and algorithms, so you have to pay close attention to them. Local businesses should ensure their Google My Business listing is accurate and up-to-date. Another key ranking factor to keep an eye on is Google Snippets, also known as Position Zero in the Google search results. Lists and FAQs that answer customers’ most pressing questions are the best types of content for this coveted area.

Final Words

Marketing is fast-paced, and it’s forever changing. To stay competitive, marketers must think way ahead. Therefore, marketers are constantly on the move, making it difficult to take a moment to reflect. However, you will often be able to identify areas you wish to develop and look at how you might develop your marketing strategy. We hope that the challenges we’ve mentioned above will help you prepare for this year’s marketing game.