5 Signs That It’s Time for You to Receive Hospice Care

Hospice Care

The thought of losing a loved one scares most people to a point where they avoid end-of-life care discussions. However, the quality of life we have matters more than how long we live. 

Hospice care aids in addressing the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of patients and their families, but how will you know it’s time to receive this care from the Inspire Hospice Care? Read on to learn about the signs.

A decline in the ability to perform important tasks

Eating, movement in and out of the house, and using the bathroom are among the vital tasks that allow for healthy living. If your desire to eat has declined, it may lead to progressive weight loss and body composition changes. You need to contact hospice care near me to ensure you don’t pass on due to starvation.

As we grow older, our bodies age and you may find it challenging to perform simple tasks such as using the bathroom without help. You will eventually require assistance and round-the-clock care, and this can be difficult for your family to handle. The best thing would be calling hospice care near me for they can offer better support to you and your family.

Frequent hospital visits

Aging is often accompanied by an irreversible decline in body functionality. This means that you are more likely to get ill and reoccurring infections; hence frequent visits to the hospital. Frequent infections can be prevented through exceptional care and guidance from professionals in a trusted hospice facility.

If you are constantly visiting the ER or being hospitalized, it is time to call hospice care near me. A well-established hospice facility has medical professionals to ensure you get the treatment you need for all diseases. You may not need to visit the hospital frequently when you are in hospice care.

Changes in mental abilities

Cognitive changes are normal when people start aging. These abilities include processing speed, memory, conceptual reasoning, and more. In addition, you will find that you become distracted easily by the things happening in your surroundings.

Changes in mental abilities often lead to withdrawal, decreased alertness, and increased sleeping. A hospice facility will allow you to interact with peers and find more activities you can engage in to help prevent a faster decline in mental abilities.

Shortness of breath and uncontrolled pain

These can bring you great discomfort when you are home alone with no one to care for you. Shortness of breath and uncontrolled pain will also limit your movement around your home. Why suffer alone at home? Get the help you need in hospice care near me if you experience these signs.

When you change your focus from aggressive treatments to quality of life

Aggressive treatments can take a toll on your body and happiness. These treatments are vital in helping you live longer but may make you sad and uncomfortable. Choosing to live happily during the time you have left is a sign that you should live under hospice care.

Where do you start?

Now that you are aware of the signs to look out for when you need to receive hospice care, you can start your journey by choosing a reputable facility that offers hospice care near me.