Top Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your House Interior

House Interior

“I see a red door and I want it painted black,” the Rolling Stones once sang. Black may not be the best color for your home’s interior.

Whether you choose red, blue, or any other color for your house interior, you want it to look good. The perfect color for your home depends on a number of factors.

To discover these factors, keep reading.

House Interior Colors

In this advanced era of interior design, homeowners have a giant wheel of the wildest colors to choose from. These colors can suit the most traditional and most modern tastes alike. The abundance of choices, though, can make it difficult to choose a color.

Follow these steps to make your choice easier.

Start by narrowing down your choices. Fetch yourself some paint samples to try out at home. Pick out a few favorites from among those samples.

You should never choose a color that you haven’t sampled. Apply a paint sample to an accent wall, a small hall, or a bathroom. Then, see how you like the look of it.

Whatever area you choose shouldn’t take long to paint. That way, you can judge how it looks sooner. 

The next step in the paint color choosing process is considering your mood. It matters. Color can affect your mood and physiological reactions. 

The color should match a room’s mood. The color of your bedroom, for example, should soothe and relax you. To that end, paint your bedroom in a neutral or cool, soft color.

By contrast, the dining room’s color should exude stimulation and sociability. Such vibes call for contrasting, warmer, and brighter colors. Neutral colors and deeper blue-greens ooze class.

Seek Help

There’s certainly no shame in seeking professional help with your choice of colors. A color consultant can suggest colors to you. They can also provide you with a custom-designed color palette made just for your home.

Before meeting a consultant, prepare yourself by writing down ideas that you could share with them for their approval (or rejection).

In 2020, what isn’t online by now? House interior colors certainly are. Use the Internet to your advantage by checking out paint company sites and social media. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other sites can supply you with a wealth of inspiration to choose the right color.

One final factor involved in this decision is considering your home’s lighting. Take a look at lighter and darker shades of the same color. You can customize a color by percentages of dark or light shades.

Your rooms’ colors will change with the angle and amount of sun. A light-colored wall will calm you and make the room feel more spacious. A dark-colored wall, on the other hand, makes a room look smaller.

Once you choose a color, contact a professional painter, like BFB Painting.

Paint It Black

Do as the Stones said and paint your home’s interior black. Maybe that’s the right house interior color for you. If you follow the steps above, it may not be.

In that case, you may have let the Stones down, but you did what was best for you. Keep doing what’s best for your home by seeing what else the site’s Home Interior section has to offer.