The Top 6 Application Areas of 3D Printing in 2021

3D Printing

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. Technology has come a long way since the time it was developed in the 1980s. 3D printing originated as a tool to create rapid prototypes. However, it has now evolved to cover various technologies.

3D printing evolution has seen an infectious growth in various companies that are using this technology. The applications, however, might vary across industries. However, it broadly includes functional and visual prototypes and tooling aids. It can be expected that in time to come, the technology will also be used in the best Canadian online casinos in 2021. The field of online casinos is also using technologies, such as AR and VR. So, it is not usual to expect that 3D printers will also be used in an online casino in time to come.

In this article, you will get to know about the top 6 3D printing applications.


With time, more and more schools are using 3D printing methods. It helps students to prepare better for their future as it lets them create prototypes without the requirement for expensive tooling. With 3D printing applications, students can learn to design and create models that they can hold.

3D printing can easily bridge the gap from ideas to the creation of those. It is easily found in public libraries and classrooms. Many universities are using this for the students to use in their projects.


In the last few years, 3D printing is being used in the world of medicine, too. It starts with bioprinting. This is where biomaterials, like growth factors and cells, are combined for creating tissue-like structures, and these imitate the actual counterparts. 3D printing is also used for prosthetics.

Prosthetics can be difficult and also expensive to create. But with 3D printing, the prosthetics can be designed and created at an affordable cost. Previously, kids who required prosthetics had to wait to ensure that they were not going to outgrow it. Surely, it is not possible to create new prosthetics every few months. This is where 3D printing proves to be useful.

3D printers in medicine are also used to produce metal orthopedic implants. Because of the ability of the 3D printer to create porous surfaces, the implants can be easily integrated with the natural bone of the patient. So, it lets them grow into the implant.


3D printers had been created for rapid prototyping. With a conventional injection-moulded prototype, it might cost thousands of dollars. Also, it might take several weeks to create one mould. So, it is not a feasible option in case you are trying to work on the design. With 3D printing technology, you will easily be able to reduce the lead time needed in conventional manufacturing. It lets the prototype be created within a few hours and at a lesser cost. The aerospace and automotive industries are taking advantage of 3D printers.

Jewellery and Art

One of the most unusual applications of 3D printing is in the world of jewellery making and technology. Using 3D printers, jewellery makers will be able to experiment with various designs that are not possible when it comes to conventional jewellery-making procedures. In addition, it enables the production of unique jewellery pieces at a much lower cost, with the help of PLA, platinum, or gold.

3D printing technology is inspiring artists all across the world. Artists can use metal 3D printing to create intricate and beautiful pieces.


Construction 3D printers provide different technologies, which use 3D printing as the primary method to fabricate construction components and buildings.

3D printing applications that are being used in this field are power bonding, extrusion, and additive welding. In the field of construction, 3D printing has a wide range of applications. Some of the advantages of this technology are enabling faster construction, better accuracy, better functional integration, and lower labour cost.

Concrete 3D printing has been developed since the 1990s to construct faster and less expensive buildings. 3D printers on a large scale are designed for printing concrete to pour over foundations and develop walls. Also, they can be used for printing concrete sections. Thereafter, these are assembled on site.


3D printers are being used for rocket components. It is being used increasingly for manufacturing rockets. With this technology, engineers are able to design and manufacture rocket parts within a shorter time.

One of the primary examples is an injector head for a launcher Ariane 6. It was developed by ArianeGroup. It is a joint group of Safran and Airbus Group. An injector is one of the main elements of a propulsion module that puts the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.

Bottom Line

You can see that there are some impressive applications of 3D printers. From working on aeroplane production to creating models for student projects, this technology has a wide range of benefits. This is a technology that is going to keep on surprising you with its unique applications.

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