WeMENA Helps Offices Save on Stationery Supplies through Bulk Buying and Aggregation

WeMENA Helps Offices Save on Stationery Supplies through Bulk Buying and Aggregation

As businesses re-open after lockdown, saving money on office supplies is essential

WeMENA, the first business-to-business wholesale marketplace has recently added an extensive range of office supplies and products, as offices re-open and emerge from the lockdown restrictions of the last few months. The platform works directly with manufacturers and distributors which helps it pass on better savings to offices.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking at ways to operate more efficiently and improve their cash flow. Up until now, office supplies have fetched a large margin and many suppliers have relied heavily on the lack of scrutiny placed by most offices on what they pay for supplies. In some cases, offices are paying at up to 25-30% more than what they should for daily essentials such as paper, pantry supplies and inks. 

One way offices can save money is by purchasing items such as stationery in larger quantities in a single transaction and that’s where WeMENA’s B2B wholesale goods platform comes in. Rather than placing many small orders across several suppliers, an office purchaser can go to the B2B platform and place a single order for a full range of stationery and office items. With WeMENA’s marketplace model, it aggregates the order with others on its platform to get the lowest prices, but also prevents offices incurring multiple delivery charges as they would due to buying from differing suppliers. In fact, even though many suppliers state that they offer “Free Delivery”, it’s in fact added into the cost of the product.

The most popular products tend to be paper based and the platform has showcasing all the everyday brands like Double A Paper, Rexel and 3M just to name a few.  There are also no fees to using the WeMENA platform and their service will deliver all items in a single delivery within 3-4 days and on flexible payment terms too.

All in all, it’s time for office purchasers and procurement departments to rethink their tail spend and how to make it more efficient. Using a digital aggregator like WeMENA does not only help save money, but also makes purchasing easier to manage. There is a single invoice per order, single payment to make and all delivery logistics are centralized.


WeMENA is a B2B e-commerce marketplace which enables businesses to purchase products at wholesale prices from official distributors and manufacturers. WeMENA assists with delivery, payment logistics and customer service, bringing efficiency savings to both buyers and suppliers using WeMENA. Founded in August 2019, the WeMENA platform was launched in December 2019, quickly changing how businesses approach wholesale purchasing in the region.

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