Medically Supervised Weight Loss Indianapolis

Weight Loss Indianapolis

Are you running from pole to post to reduce your waistline? Diets and exercise are not helping either. Don’t feel low. We are there to help you. Our trained professionals will wean you out from the roller coaster ride. Our medically supervised weight loss Indianapolis will make your journey stress-free and uncomplicated. We have individualized programs for people suffering from obesity and obesity health-related issues.

The Facts That You Should Be Aware Of

  • Starving: It is believed that starving helps you in weight loss. It is a myth, rather it instigates because the longer you starve, and you tend to eat more when you sit for lunch/dinner. The body stores the extra calories as fat and it leads to changes in metabolism. It damages your health if you starve for a long time.
  • Eat at Regular Intervals: Instead of eating a heavy meal at one time, break it into short regular intervals to replenish your body with energy and increase your metabolism.
  • Never Compare the Diet of another Individual: Every individual is physiologically and clinically different from one another. A single diet is not applicable to all. A person might lose weight from one diet while another does not lose a bit.
  • Have a Good Sleep: People believe that a good sleep at night increases weight. It is a myth. Our body is similar to a machine and it requires to replenish lost energy. During sleep, the cells repair and it eases the muscles and it is much required to be away from wear and tear of body and weight gain.
  • Be Realistic in Goals: If you are overweight and wish to opt for weight loss therapy, keep realistic goals. It takes time to shed and initially, you lose faster but after a few months, the loss is a gradual process. Don’t dream to slip into small size from plus size instantly, it might take approx. two years to come into a small size that too if you are consistent in your effort. Don’t get bogged down and return back to the previous routine, else you might miss the ball.

Our Approach in Your Weight Loss Journey


When you call us for a free consultation, one of our experienced health coaches briefs you about our methods to assist you in your weight loss journey. Assessment of your reports is done by our medical team for further perusal.

You are clinically examined and your final reports and consultation help us to decide on which weight package, you fit in.

Diet Charts

Personalized diet chart is prepared for you to follow religiously without fail. Our professionals help you on this journey by suggesting you the ways to follow. Initially, your body might reject but gradually, it gets attuned. We have self-preparation of diet products and it is included in our package.


Our instructors acquaint you with the type of exercises for you to follow to reduce extra pounds and maintain your posture. Obesity for long term affects the posture in various ways. Exercise is important to tone up the body and it helps to maintain your mental health. Changes in diet and lifestyle bring in psychological changes in a person, we are there to take care of your body, mind and soul.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

We offer exclusive infrared sauna therapy which helps to detoxify the body from harmful toxins. The infrared heat is produced which warms up the body and profuse sweating helps the body to get rid of toxins without hurting the skin. We have a comfortable room with all amenities and privacy to comfort you.

Medically supervised weight loss Indianapolis brings you a comprehensive weight loss package to help you for weight loss and to regain good health and better frame.