Top 2 Best useful Android Apps For 2019!


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Best Top 2 useful Android Apps For 2019!

1) Omlet Arcade – Stream, Meet, Play

Omlet Arcade - Stream, Meet, Play
How To Work

  • These android apps are a live streaming app that gives you the chance to live streaming on any social account, and also on Android they are absolutely smooth and fast which can be a great thing for you to live streamlining your many social accounts Now you can know where this app works, as you can live streaming on e-Youtube facebook Instagram and many more platform.

How Many Size

  • The size of this app will be available to you at 17 MB on the Google Play store, but the site developer will update it, so its size changes too.

How Many use

  • If you have a lot of audiences and you do gaming and live streaming, then you must use it. gives you the chance to live streaming on the android phone
  • If you are Youtuber or you have a big Facebook Page Hey and lots of audiences and you are active with your audience, then you should use it to live streaming for Gaming

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2) ActionDash

ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper
How To Work

  • This android apps monitor and monitor all of them in your phone and you can find out how much Battery uses the apps and uses it to the cutest time, so many more of these works android apps which are new Launch

How Many Size

  • Now the size of these android apps is 5.8 MB, and if the developer invokes some change then it can show a change in size.

How Many use

  • These android apps can be used when you use an app to monitor and you can control the time angle apps and how much Battery uses and if you are adjected with something, you can control it.
  • You people know that quite a lot of people have become addicted for the Android game and that these plays throughout the day, then you can Monitor your use and then control it.

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