How Can a Long-Range Surveillance Camera Help You Secure Your Objectives

Long-Range Surveillance Camera

The security of your strategic assets is crucial to the success of the business or organisation you run. Are you the manager of a company that needs close surveillance of key locations? Then a long-range surveillance camera could help you. And the same applies if you are a government agency and are interested in purchasing surveillance cameras for national defence purposes. A long-range thermal camera could be a customisable option for your needs that can be integrated into your organisation’s various applications. Moreover, such a camera can represent a long-term investment that will pay for itself through the security it brings to your objectives.

But when you’re looking for a long-range surveillance system, you’ll have plenty of options. From scalability to available accessories, professional camera modules specialising in long-range capturing can be diverse and include everything from HD ultra-low light sensors to thermal zoom lenses up to 550mm in size. But when looking for a professional surveillance system, you will most likely choose between cooled MWIR cameras and uncooled LWIR systems. But why does one technology need to be chilled with special equipment while the other can operate at room temperature? In the following article, we will look at the answer to this question and also list why a high-tech, long-range camera could be the perfect accessory for your goals.

Do MWIR Cameras Always Have to Be Cooled?


In summary, yes. Medium wavelength infrared cameras must be cooled with the aid of a cryogenic cooler because this type of camera must record temperature differences much more accurately than an LWIR system. An MWIR camera could work without active cooling, but the resulting image would suffer from significant noise and blurriness, which is not practical for the round-the-clock supervision of objectives. Cooling the camera’s thermal detector reduces the number of electrons generated, automatically increasing image resolution and de-noising the thermal input. Moreover, cooling the camera’s thermal sensor makes it more efficient in recording the target objects’ temperature differences. This can have a massive impact, especially in military applications where precision is critical.

In summary, MWIR cameras must be cooled because this process improves overall sensor performance. LWIR cameras are different because they use thermally sensitive materials that can detect infrared radiation from a significant distance without the need for expensive cooling solutions. An LWIR camera is generally more compact, inexpensive, and energy-efficient than an MWIR, making it ideal for search and rescue operations deployment. Moreover, LWIR cameras can more easily see through obstacles like smoke screens, making them common in the armed forces and fire departments. But LWIR cameras are less accurate than their medium wavelength counterparts, so where surveillance at long distances is needed, MWIR is the way to go.

What’s the Best Application for a Long-Range Surveillance Camera?

CCTV systems have developed enormously since their humble beginnings in 1942, and nowadays, they are a staple of high-tech security measures. Are you the administrator of a nationally renowned institution or government agency? Then you have some specific use cases for your surveillance cameras. But if you are not in this category, you may wonder what possible applications for a long-range surveillance camera would be. For one, these cameras are ideal for monitoring targets at a safe distance. Professional PTZ camera stations equipped with LWIR or MWIR sensors are used in border patrols, conservation areas or for surveillance of essential targets such as warehouses or server rooms.

long-range surveillance camera could also be used in urban areas to obtain traffic information or for public safety in the case of large gatherings. How can a camera help? First of all, it could transmit valuable real-time data on the status of tracked targets. Then it can act as an effective tool for investigators to piece together the chain of events before an event. Moreover, professional long-range thermal imaging cameras can be integrated with other devices used in surveillance to ensure a complete protection package for strategic sites.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Such a Camera?

The cities we live in are full of sophisticated surveillance cameras, and the reason for this constant surveillance is, in many cases, related to increased national security. If you are reading this article, you may be interested in purchasing a complete long-action camera system that provides constant surveillance of your targets. But where should you buy this equipment? For one, the solution for your use case won’t be found on store shelves. An excellent idea would be to call on the professional services of a company that can provide bespoke solutions customised to your requirements.

For a modern and cloud-based approach to surveillance, consider exploring Arcules, a renowned video surveillance systems as-a-Service company that combines high-end security with data-driven insights, perfect for a range of surveillance applications.

If you want to monitor an urban site, an LWIR system incorporating electronic image stabilisation and object tracking would be sufficient for your use case. But if you’re representing a government branch, you’ll need something more, and here cooled MWIR thermal cameras might be a more appropriate fit for your organisation’s needs. Whatever your requirements, it’s essential to turn to the professional services of an end-to-end manufacturer who can create bespoke solutions designed to be useful even in the harshest conditions.

The Security of Your Assets is Vital

Unfortunately, we live in times when video surveillance is more important than ever. Whether you are a government entity and need ways to protect the borders of your sovereign territory or a multi-national corporation with assets located in different regions, it is crucial to monitor your strategic objectives constantly. A long-range surveillance camera could be a tool to use in your fight against bad actors and a device that will lay the foundation for the future success of your organisation.

A high-tech PTZ camera platform integrating low light and 4k sensors could perfectly complement your existing security solutions. Do you need heavy-duty equipment? Then the company you call should be able to offer you different options for a modular multi-sensor PTZ platform that is compatible with either uncooled LWIR cameras or with long-range cooled MWIR sensors. Whatever your uses for the cameras you purchase, one thing is certain. The safety of your targets is crucial, and no investment in this field is too significant as long as you can prevent unpleasant incidents.

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