Top 10 Tiktokers in the United Kingdom


The popularity of the video-sharing platform Tiktok has given birth to many influencers around the world. With the total number of Tiktok users crossing the 1 billion mark in 2021, it is no doubt that Tiktok has become a force to reckon with in the digital space.

Within four years, Tiktok has suddenly become the source for many viral videos. Ranging from powerful dance moves or funny videos, Tiktok has made them reach the maximum audience. Well, Tiktok comes with trendy features like sharing comedy videos, dance videos, makeup tutorials or singing videos. These are some of the aspects that have greatly contributed to the popularity of Tiktok.

However, a surge in the number of Tiktok users has attracted the interest of various brands hoping to leverage the large audience to market their products. Just like any other social media platform, the advent of influencers has greatly transformed the social media market.  

Are you stuck on how to grow your TikTok account? If yes, then it’s high time you invest in quality content and share valuable content consistently. Do not give up even if you get zero comments. In other words, out of 30 videos, you can easily get a breakthrough in a single video.

Be that as it may, those who understand the ropes have leveraged TikTok video sharing features to generate tons of followers for their accounts.    

So, have you ever wondered how many people have emerged top in the world of Tiktok? Surprisingly, no matter the high number of celebrities in the UK, none of them belong to any of the most followed TikTok accounts. This indicates a paradigm shift from just following celebrities to sourcing for valuable content.

Here are the most popular Tiktokers in the UK that you need to know!

#1. Kyle Thomas  @kylethomas30.4 million followers.

While many people do not believe in astrology, Kyle has beaten all odds to emerge top on Tiktok. How many people are even interested to know what the day will look like. Of course very few! Interestingly, Kyle Thomas has become so popular that he’s now topped the world of Tiktok in the UK.

 At only 16years, Kyle Thomas has become a popular astrologist who has been featured on Elite Daily, ABC Network, cosmopolitan, Refinery 29, Bustle, and Hulu.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, Kyle Thomas is ruling the Tiktok community by amassing 30.4 million followers and 1.4billion likes. The estimated network of the young astrologist now stands at a whopping $1, 25,000.

#2. Gordon Ramsay @gordonramsayofficial 27M followers

Who doesn’t know Gordon Ramsey the TV celebrity chef? Gordon Ramsey turned to Tiktok to explore his talent which has earned him a huge following. After failing on YouTube, he turned to Tiktok where he gained popularity through roasting those who are unable to cook well. 

Although you may not have come across his roasting videos, they went viral and contributed to his popularity. Typically, Gordon Ramsey is ranked among the best chefs in the world. Infact   Tiktokers who mimic him easily go viral.

Having emerged among the top Tiktokers in the UK, he has managed to amass 419 million likes and 27 million followers. The celebrity chef is now estimated to have a network of $ 63M.

#3. Abby Roberts @abbyroberts 16.7M followers

With the craze to look beautiful Abby Roberts Beauty, tutorials have attracted tons of TikTok followers. The incredible makeup artist has leveraged internet space to share short video tutorials. At only 19 years, Abby Robert’s makeup skills has grabbed the attention of Tiktokers, thrashing her to the world of fame.

Abby Roberts has a net worth of #300, how did she succeed in the world of Tiktok? Simple, dedication and consistency. She got a breakthrough after recreating a James Charles makeup look. This generated over 100,000 followers overnight.

To crown it all, Abby Roberts now has over 1.3 Billion likes in addition to 16.7 M followers

#4. Holly H@ Holly 16.2M followers

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you might have come across Holly H’s makeup tutorial videos on Tiktok. Besides creating popular makeup tutorials, Holly H is known for sharing funny videos. She so far valued at $ 3.3 M   commands 394.3 million likes coupled with 16.2 M followers.

#5. Jamil Jamel  Neffati  @ Neffati Brothers 13.8 M followers

Next on the list of the most popular Tiktokers in the UK are the funny duo brothers who made people laugh through their creativity. These brothers have emerged among the top on Tiktok for sharing entertaining funny videos.

The twin duo has made music for popular artists like Dj snake and Akon. The duo has secured a top spot among the most popular Tiktokers in the UK  with 391.5 million likes and 13.8 million followers coupled with an estimated net worth of between $95-$100million.

#6. Shauni @itzshauni 16M followers

Next on the list is the fun loving Shauni.  She’s the most followed Tiktoker in the UK, commanding 391 million likes and 16 million followers. 

Some of the attributes that have contributed to the popularity of her Tiktok videos include comedy, trending challenges, transitions, and lip-sync.

However, she has an unmatched personality and her videos stand out on the Tiktok platform.

#7. Guinness world records@ guinness world records 16.9 M followers

It is not a surprise to see @guinessworldrecords listed among the top Tiktokers in the UK. The page highlights a series of videos capturing people trying to break world records.

Some of the content shared include someone breaking walnuts with an elbow, another person eating for many hours etc. All these videos present fun moments that no one would want to miss.

#8. Joel M @joelmagician 15.3 million followers

If you are a fan of surprises, then Joel M is one perfect character you can’t wish away. Magician Joel has made it to the list of the most followed Tiktokers through his magician videos. As such, Joel M has become popular commanding 349 likes and 15.3 million followers.

#9. JeremyLynch @jeremylynch 14.8M followers

Jeremy Lynch is a fun-loving content creator who has made a name on various social media platforms through his comic video content. 

Ranging from creative voiceovers to funny videos, Jeremy Lynch can easily make you laugh through his creative content. This has earned him a massive following on Instagram, Facebook Tiktok, and several other social media platforms. He has so far earned a top spot on TikTok by attracting 14.8 million followers.

#10. Evie  Meg @thistrippyhippie  13.5 M followers 

Besides stunning beauty, vie is popular among his TikTok fans for sharing hippie videos about her life with tics, seizures, and spasms. She aims to showcase the dangerous side of seizures and tics that left her with bruises and sweat.

Generally, Evie Meg is a source of inspiration especially for those who think social media is all about beauty. She so far commands 460.7 million likes and has a net worth of between $1Million -$5Million.


Now that you know what top Tiktokers in the UK have done to break the glass ceiling in the world of social networking, it’s high time you consider investing energy and time in growing your TikTok account. In addition to popularity, growing your TikTok account comes with numerous benefits that you can’t ignore.

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