🎅 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Student Budget

Christmas Gift

It’s no secret that Christmas is an expensive time of year. Over the last decade, Christmas has become heavily commercialised – and this year, it’s bigger than ever. Many families spent last Christmas apart due to lockdown restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. Many Brits plan to go above and beyond for this year’s festive celebrations. There will be more parties, decorations and pressure to find the perfect gift. 

Christmas can be a financially difficult time for many people across the globe. Students are strapped for cash, to begin with, and often struggle to find the money for Christmas presents. So, we made a list of the best present ideas for a student budget. 

Handmade treats

You could bake some sweet treats for your friends and family. Learn how to make gingerbread cookies, Christmas cake or festive chocolate brownies. Handmade treats are full of love and sugar to keep everyone going through the busy festive period. You could put the treats into a basket with a ribbon and Christmas card. Write a little note to your friend or family member and give it to them for Christmas.

Photo memories

Collect all your photos with the family this year and print them off. You can make a scrapbook or photo album with all the photos and add little notes alongside them. You could write notes about the memories you made this year and what you’re looking forward to next year. 

Perfume and aftershave

It’s Black Friday, and you can save a lot of money in the sales. Get a head start on your Christmas shopping and buy your friend some perfume or aftershave in the sale. You can give them a luxurious gift without the huge price tag. You could even get a small student loan without worrying about poor credit to cover your Christmas gifts this year. 

Beauty and skincare

Everyone likes a bath bomb and shower gel set. Put together the ultimate self-care set and add a bottle of wine and box of chocolates too. They can relax and enjoy a night to themselves between Christmas and New Year.


Make a hamper with everything the person loves inside – from food to clothing. It could include sweet treats, books, candles, stationery and much. You don’t have to spend too much money on it either. Go to your local charity shop to find items for the hamper and browse through budget stores. You can find some fantastic deals if you take the time to look around. 

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift, think about your friend’s hobbies and interests. You could buy a gift that aligns with one of their hobbies. For example, a gardener might like a few plants or a gardening toolset. 

Make this Christmas the best one yet with some fantastic gifts.