What Are the Best International Recipes From Around the World

What Are the Best International Recipes From Around the World
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Sometimes you want food from the other side of the globe but don’t want to leave your house. Here are some recipes that you can try to help you bring more diverse foods to your kitchen. 

Colcannon Potatoes

The first stop is Ireland, where colcannon potatoes are part of every family’s recipe collection. Find your version when you want a taste of Ireland. You can also serve it with soda bread, carrots, and lamb chops for a festive meal on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Irish Spiced Beef

Another one of the best international recipes from Ireland is Irish Spiced Beef. Use this recipe on special occasions because it takes nearly a week for the meat to soak up the seasoning.

Scottish Oatmeal Rolls

Many enjoy a good roll to scoop up their gravies and other sauces. If you’re among this group, you’ll love oatmeal rolls. Plus, the oatmeal gives it a nice Scottish touch. 

Almond Tea Bread

Another Scottish food that is especially popular during the holidays is almond tea bread. Each slice fills your mouth with the delicious taste of baked cherries. 

English Rhubarb Crumble

Rhubarb is a popular dish in other countries, but adding a nice custard sauce makes it English. You can mix and match recipes for the two online until you find the perfect combination. Once you do, you’ll never want another dessert again. 

Crispy Fish and Chips

This British Pub classic is simple to make, requiring only a little panko bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish. Use any white fish for a delicious international meal. 

German Potato Dumplings

Potato dumplings are a must-have at any German feast. Make them with a brown butter sauce for a delicious side dish. 

Grandma’s Apple Cake

You don’t need to be a German grandma to make a delicious apple cake. It’s just earned that name because it’s been around for hundreds of years. You can use any apples to make this delightful German desert. 


Aebleskiver is a Danish pastry that many people eat for dessert. They are stuffed pancake balls found in most bakeries and street markets in Denmark. Once you try them, you’ll be making them forever. 

Sparkling Peach Bellinis

Peach bellinis are an excellent drink that people enjoy with brunch. You can find their origins in Italy. 

Italian Pasta Sauce

Try making your own Italian pasta sauce when you want to celebrate a special occasion but still want a low-key meal. That’s a great way to incorporate tradition and culture into your meal. 

Hazelnut Macaroons

If you’ve heard of Julia Child, you’ve heard of various French cuisine, including macaroons. These small cookies delight many people as they are both chewy and crispy. 


While traditional cassoulet would have taken French cooks hours to make, modern recipes and tools can get the job done in a lot less time. That makes this a quick and affordable option for a tasty international meal. 

There are quite a few recipes out there that you can try. Test some of these in your kitchen to get an international menu right in your home.