Tips On Choosing Barber Stations With Sink

Barber Stations

The days of sleazy bachelors are over because, in the past few years, the popularity of men’s salons has been at its peak. A barbershop is not just a hairdresser’s salon, but a kind of men’s club with creatively planned interiors, waiting areas filled with alcohol, and a creative atmosphere. All these surroundings must certainly be complemented by appropriate equipment and furniture to convey the concept of the institution and combine convenience for both the client and the barber. Today we will talk about barber stations that will improve the workflow and improve the quality of customer service.

Things You Should Know When Setting Up Your Barber Stations

If you decide to start updating your salon, then plan yourself enough time to prepare. Salon furniture manufacturers offer countless barber stations, so the process of selecting new equipment can be lengthy. First of all, you need to determine what functionality the equipment will carry. Match the number of stations and sinks to your salon’s permit/license requirements. If the legislation allows, then the best option would be to install barber stations with sink, so the masters will not delay each other, and customers will languish in anticipation of their turn for washing.

Then it goes through to decide on the style and color scheme of the equipment. For classic barbershop interiors, a black and white restrained range would be ideal. You can add some vintage wrought iron and wood pieces as barber station elements, or opt for chrome hardware for a more futuristic design.

When arranging barber stations, consider the following factors:

  • How will the organization of the instruments be provided? Essentials should be within arm’s reach of the barber, while less frequently used tools should have ample space in lockers.
  • Will the master have enough towels on hand? Look for a station with a shelf that will be convenient to place clean towels.
  • Make sure that the station has both open shelves for displaying related skin care products, and closed ones to keep other tools and equipment there. The client should not feel cluttered, and at the same time, he will be interested in the products that you offer to buy.
  • Remember about small details: there should be enough space on the shelf so that the client can put his drink, which he did not have time to drink at the reception and provide beautiful bar coasters.

How to Choose a Perfect Barber Station with a Sink?

One of the best ways to optimize your barbershop space is to install a wet station. This design of the workplace allows you to maintain a convenient workflow for stylists and clients. What to pay attention to when choosing workstations equipped with a sink?

  • Multifunctionality. The design of the station should allow the sink to be installed in various places so that you can easily adapt it to your plumbing and sewer system, as well as for the convenience of the barber.
  • The quality of the material. A wet station is primarily a constant interaction with moisture, so for its durability, choose moisture-resistant finishing materials. The sink should not be fragile, so instead of ceramics, give preference to PVC.
  • Convenience. The sink should be equipped with a silicone cushion, explosion-proof and water-saving shower. Ease of use should be combined with ease of installation and repair.
  • Large Storage Space. The barber station should have enough space for the stylist’s equipment, auxiliary materials, and the client’s things so that he does not have to hold them in his hands during the procedures.

It sounds like a ton to keep track of, but our tips will help you create a cozy and comfortable barbershop space.

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