Categories in Tennessee Construction License

Tennessee Construction License

In Tennessee, contracting is work performed with an offered price or bid. Contracting includes various work ranging from repair, improvement, movement, demolition to highway construction, road construction, and railroad construction. Since contracting involves work from a large domain, a Tennessee construction license is mandatory for a person engaged in construction activities.

For getting the contractor license, a long procedure needs to be followed, including an examination that needs to be accomplished for obtaining a permit. However, before even beginning the procedure for getting the license, a person must know what kind of license he requires for the work.

Which Construction License should I apply for?

There are several categories in the Tennessee construction license. However, the license is mainly issued based on two categories. Once an individual gets this license, he can get involved in performing construction activities such as home improvement, renovation, construction management, etc. 

There are mainly two categories in the Tennessee contractor license. These categories are divided based on the cost involved in the projects.

  • Projects that are under $25,000.
  • Projects that are above $25,000

Based on the projects you take on, you might also need to apply for an additional license. For gathering more information about it, you can contact Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors.

  • Projects that are Under $25,000

These are the kind of projects that require minimal machinery and can be solved without a high number of labor.

Home Improvement project

In everyday life, there are several faults happening inside a house. Construction activities such as improvements, repairs, and remodeling have become very common these days. To solve such activities, a licensed contractor is required. If providing these activities is your forte, then this license is for you. Keep in mind that you cannot undertake any work related to plumbing, electricity and heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) with this license.

Limited License Electrical

This license is being given to the people who carry out domestic electrical projects. However, this license does not allow you to carry out electrical work that requires inspection.

Limited License Plumber

Similar to a limited electrical license, this license is provided for plumbing activities that do not require inspection.

  • Projects that are over $25,000

Prime/General Contractor

This license is for those who are planning to work with the direct point of contact according to the definition of contracting in Tennessee. Then this license is for you.


The sub-contractor license is mandatory for those firms who work in tandem with the general contractor. A general contractor should not be the owner of the project if he wishes to hire a sub-contractor. As a sub-contractor, a person can perform activities such as plumbing, electricity, HVAC, and roofing.

Construction Management

This license is mandatory for a project which is valued at over $25000. Then this license is needed. 


Thus, for performing even the smallest of the work, a construction license is necessary. Therefore, a person willing to start a career should first apply for the permit. Moreover, if their expertise is in building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc., they are obliged to have a license.