10th June Events: International Yarn Bombing Day & World Gin Day

International Yarn Bombing Day

There are a lot of people out there who are waiting eagerly to celebrate the various events that the 10th of June has to offer. So, today, it’s the 10th of June, and guess what? There are a lot of fun events for you. From InternationalYarn Bombing Day to National Egg Roll Day, and World Gin Day, there are a lot more events to celebrate. According to the sources, many people look to celebrate every day of the week or month to its fullest. 

So, we shouldn’t take life for granted. Celebrate every moment like you mean it and you will surely stay happy. In fact, the events of the 10th of June make us reunite with our friends and family, and celebrate in our own way. If you want to know more about the events of June 10, then it’s time to go through this article. 

These Are The Events Of The 10th of June

So, as we know already, every day of the month is special in its own way. It’s because, every day we have different events. So, some of these events are official while most of them are unofficial. For example, all the events of the 10th of June are non-holidays. However, you should definitely check out the events of this day and try celebrating them in your own way. So, without further ado, it’s time to look at this article and find out about the June 10 events. 

1. International Yarn Bombing Day

In order to know about International Yarn Bombing Day, one must know what Yarn Bombing is all about. So, Yarn Bombing is also called Guerrilla Knitting or yarn storming. It’s the practice of knitted works. For example, a yarn bomber may design a vivid and colorful knitted pattern and wrap it around a bus stop or somewhere else. 

So, in other words, Yarn bombing adds aesthetics, and colors to things mundane. In fact, it’s also about drawing attention to something that may look ‘mundane’ or ‘boring’ to some people. So, on the 10th of June, people celebrate this day as International Yarn Bombing Day. 

World Gin Day

2. World Gin Day

Next, we have the World Gin Day on the 10th of June. So, Gin is a very special drink that most people may know about already. World Gin Day was actually established by Gin Monkey. If you want to celebrate World Gin Day, then you could try experimenting with some drinks that have gin in them. Moreover, you could also host a drinking party with your friends and family. 

3. National Black Cow Day

So, a lot of people may not know but the 10th of June is also famous as National Black Cow Day. Black Cow is a very cool drink and it’s the perfect one for sure on a hot summer day. Moreover, this drink also has a touch of nostalgia. The reason why this drink is named Black Cow has to be because of its color. So, you could host a black cow day party with your friends on this day. 

National Black Cow Day

4. National Egg Roll Day

If you are hungry, then how about an egg roll on National Egg Roll Day? It’s the perfect wrap of crunchiness and savoriness. The crunchy wrap embraces the eggs in a delicious way. So, of course, you will just love to eat this special dish on this day. If you want to celebrate National Egg Roll Day, then you could order egg rolls for you and your family. 

5. National Iced Tea Day

So, the month of June has a lot of days, especially for food items. This day, June 10, is also famous as National Iced Tea Day in the USA. Having a cup of iced day on a hot summer morning is just the right way to begin your day. 

National Iced Tea Day

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