Want to Create Great Ads for the Radio? Here’s How

Create Great Ads for the Radio

Some people think that radio is a thing of the past, but the statistics don’t agree. Did you know that close to 90% of the people in the United States listen to the radio every single week?

Great ads on the radio can make a huge difference for a business, an event, or anything else you might want people to know about. At the same time, not everyone knows how to make great ads.

Follow these simple tips to make sure your ads are powerful and effective.

Have an Interesting Opener

When it comes to getting bang for your buck, the beginning of your ad is everything. If you have to choose between an ad where the first 20% is dynamite and the last 80% is mundane, or one where the first 20% is boring and the last 80% is perfect, pick the dynamite opener every time.

We’re familiar with the importance of first impressions in our social lives. The same principle applies to radio. If you don’t start strong, it takes ten times the effort to make a good impression.

People have a tendency to tune things out, so if your radio advertising doesn’t catch their attention until halfway through, they might not have heard anything you’ve said. There’s not much point to the first half of an ad if no one ever really hears it.

Talk About Experiences, Not Specs

While you may be an expert in your field and in your product, your audience won’t be. Radio commercial scripts have to account for the lay knowledge of the audience.

Instead of talking about the various statistics and specs of your item, ground its features in the lived experiences of potential buyers. How will their lives be changed by using it? 

Pay Extra Attention to the Voice Work

Poor voice work can distract your audience and detract form your message. Authentic statements in radio combine a conversational tone with a lack of speaking mistakes.

If you’re going to speak in the ad, don’t be afraid to listen to yourself. We all hate how we sound in recordings until we get used to it. You can’t let that keep you from applying a discerning ear to your work.

Practice if you need to; you might just end up improving your speaking voice at the same time.

Put Something Unique In Your Ad

Every radio commercial needs something to make it stand out from the rest. Radio ads recycle many of the same tricks. These tried and true methods are great, but make sure to add something unique to your ad, too.

There are many other great tips you can follow to make powerful commercials on the radio.

Get Your Money’s Worth With Great Ads

We hope you learned something helpful about how to make great ads on the radio in this brief piece. 

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