5 Easy Exercises or Workouts You Can Do at Home Without Equipment

Easy Exercises
Staying home reduces your physical activities which is not good for your health. And owing to lockdown gyms or fitness clubs are not open, and if such a situation remains for a longer time and you not do any exercise you will become unfit.

You are at home, and you have enough time to do some exercise. Do not worry if you don’t have fitness equipment, there are several workouts you can do at your home. We brought here five easy exercises to do at home without equipment.

Five Easy Exercises or Home Workouts: Videos

#1 Crunches

#2 Climbers

#3 Leg Raises

#4 Squats

#5 Push-ups

If you take out around half-an-hour daily, you can do these simple and easy to perform exercises to stay fit and healthy while staying at home.

And do you know doing 20-25 minutes exercise daily you can lose around 200 calories, that will help you lose some weight and stay fit and healthy. You should also check regularly your fitness levels at your home to live a healthy lifestyle.