Tips for Passing the CISCO Certification Exam

CISCO Certification Exam

When becoming a Cisco Certified professional, candidates will decide how to best prepare for the examination. All candidate’s skills are unique: some are proficient in one area and less proficient in another. Some have extensive experience, and others have only a few. The way you approach your studies will always differ from one another. Study time, content focused on, and study environment all contribute to your success in passing the exam.  

The following tips will assist you in preparing for your exam of Cisco certification. 

1. Put Your Knowledge into Practice

To pass the CCNA exam, you will need theoretical and practical knowledge. You should be in a position to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world networking and troubleshooting situations. As an example, IP is commonly known to be unreliable. The main issue is determining alternative methods of troubleshooting communication across IP networks between nodes. 

2. Make Sure You Have the Correct Study Materials

Gathering the necessary materials for the CCNA exam is essential. It is recommended that you use Cisco’s latest publications to prepare for the CCNA exam: CCNA Routing and Switching and Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 ICND2. Also available through Cisco Press is the “31 Days Before” series. Make sure that you practice the questions and complete the lab exercises. It is imperative to learn how to work with binary numbers before studying any of the above books. Calculations should become second nature to you. It will be helpful for you when you are preparing to take the CCNA certification exam. 

3. Learning Should Be Organized

A comprehensive exam preparation strategy is a schedule for reviewing the material daily. You must develop your strategy, determine the order in which your plans will be most effective, write it down and then put it into practice. The next few months should be strategically planned to have more control and ensure that all the material for the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE is reviewed systematically. You can track your progress more efficiently and be more systematic once you plan.  

4. Write Down Your Notes

It is essential to realize that you will encounter quite a bit of new information during this time. You will certainly forget most of it. Distinguish between things that you already know and things you do not understand – for instance, underlining, highlighting, or taking notes. Taking notes while reading will enable you to make active decisions about what to focus on, maintain focus on the material, and, ultimately, improve the efficiency of the learning process. 

5. Set Up a Practice Test Schedule

Plan your practice tests ahead of the test date. Assign yourself a deadline and reflect on your learning during that period. It will help you to identify areas for growth. When preparing for the Cisco certification exam, you should familiarize yourself with CCNA security and CCNP security. 

6. Before the Exam, Review Your Knowledge

Before your scheduled exam date, reread the Cisco Press books. This approach will help you refresh your memory and identify any points you may have overlooked on your first attempt. You must devote the last two weeks before the exams to answering questions in total. Use online discussion boards and other test preparation platforms to search for new questions. By this time, you should have gained a thorough understanding of the concepts of networking that will be tested on your Cisco certification test. 

Keeping These Two Points in Mind Will Help You:

  • Cisco is well-rounded

There is a wide variety of topics covered on the Cisco certification exam, ranging from TCP/IP studies to the most in-depth routing protocols with spanning trees. The exams may appear challenging to pass due to the amount of material to study. Focus on ICDN, which is the foundation for all Cisco exams. Candidates are required to follow the course material in its entirety.

  • Cisco Exam is fast-paced

There are 50-60 questions in the Cisco exam, and it is designed to be completed in 90 minutes. Regardless of how well prepared you are, answering that many questions in so little time can be pretty challenging. Take advantage of your training and experience. You will find many questions dealing with actual work situations.


You can market yourself as a networking expert with Cisco certification, opening the doors to success not only in networking but in all aspects of your career. You can demonstrate that you better understand a particular field than others with a certification. One of the most prestigious and recognized certifications in IT security is the Cisco certification. It provides candidates with a wealth of job opportunities and higher wages as an associate-level certificate in IT networking. Cisco CCNA certification is an affordable certification that proves a person capable of configuring, operating, and troubleshooting network switches and routers. The CCNA Courses are affordable and provide good materials.