What Is Solo 401(k)? The Best Self-Employed Retirement Plan You Must Explore

Solo 401(k)

If you work in a company and want to save a significant amount of money for your retirement, or just want to save money on taxes, you need to pay close attention to solo 401(k). This might prove one of the best retirement plans due to its capability of generating money. 

When you choose solo 401(k), the plan can provide you with benefits such as tax savings, tax-free growth, and tax-deferred contribution. Apart from choosing your broker, you will also be able to break the restrictive rules as per the investment plans you choose. 

Due to the eye-catching and helpful features, the solo 401(k) plan will undoubtedly prove the best option for your retirement planning. Here are some crucial things you should know about solo 401(k). 

What is the Plan and How Does It Work?

The solo 401(k) plan helps self-employed people save money for their retirement stage. There is neither any income nor any age restriction. However, the applicants need to be an owner of an organization without any employees. 

The contribution limits of the solo 401(k) plan are super flexible as well as high. As a result, applicants will be able to contribute more than the SEPs, Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, and SIMPLEs. 

One notable difference between the other self-employed retirement plans and solo 401(k) plans is that in the case of solo 401(k), the employees will be able to contribute the whole amount of their salary to the maximum annual contribution. They don’t need to worry about facing a 25% limitation on their salary. This way they can minimize their taxes. 

Are You Eligible for this Plan?

This is one of the most common questions people ask when knowing more about a solo 401(k) plan. The solo401k plan is undoubtedly super beneficial. This plan is developed specifically for self-employed people. You can choose other options if you have employees and focus on retirement plans, which will provide you with tax advantages. However, a more popular program, known as SIMPLE 401(K), can allow you to develop retirement plans without any problems. 

Even though the solo 401(k) plan is built for a one-person business, there is an exception. The spouse of the applicant can also contribute to the plan. This way both the applicant and their spouse can save money and enjoy long-term benefits. 

Financial Benefits of Solo 401(k) Plan

The solo 401(k) plan would prove perfect for people who have a side gig, especially when they are capable of living comfortably with their primary salary. The solo 401(k) will allow you to over the usual limits of 401(k). 

Additionally, you can also create multiple solo 401(k) accounts and contribute money for your retirement plans. As per Investopedia, the employee contribution should not become more than $22,500.

If you’re already an existing user of the 401(k) plan, the solo 401(k) will prove more beneficial for you, especially if you’ve reached the maximum contribution limit. Apart from reducing business taxes, you can also save more money. 


Here are some crucial things you need to know about solo 401(k). Do you have any other questions? Make sure you contact us today. 

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