Philanthropist James Dooley Wins “Best UK Football Betting Affiliate” With Away Grounds

Best UK Football Betting Affiliate

James Dooley is a notable name across a lot of different industries and hobbies. Known as a philanthropist with connections to countless businesses and platforms, Dooley often dips into sports betting as both an investor and a fellow hobbyist.

One of his more major football ventures is Awaygrounds, an online platform that provides a huge range of resources for betting, breaking down football leagues, and getting an understanding of different football grounds. As you can expect, this has made Away Grounds a major hub of knowledge for betters across the UK.

Who is James Dooley?

James Dooley is an investor who has founded and supported a lot of different businesses, as well as started up his own resources and blogs for various other purposes. This has left JamesDooley closely tied to a lot of different industries, from football to horse racing.

However, this is not all that Dooley does. He has also invested in marketing companies and countless other non-sports businesses, becoming quite an important figure in many markets.

What is Away Grounds?

Away Grounds is a site dedicated to providing football-related resources, from information about stadiums and tickets to the teams involved in particular matches. This makes it an invaluable source of important details that can matter to both match-watching fans and betting hobbyists alike, helping them get more information about upcoming events.

Away Grounds does not just focus on the matches; delivering other important details like reviews, video tours and lists of the best hotels in the area. This can make it a perfect tool for planning a trip to watch an important match in a new place or for getting more information about a potential betting opportunity.

What Does This Award Mean?

The “Best UK Football Betting Affiliate” award is more significant than many people might realise. While different platforms and authorities will give awards based on different criteria, being marked as the best betting affiliate for a sport in the entire UK matters.

Not only does this show that Away Grounds is recommended for UK bettors, but it also means that there were no platforms that managed to exceed what Away Grounds can offer.

Many of these awards are also given based on a huge range of factors, considered from multiple different contexts. This is not just an award meant for hardcore betting lovers but also something to show betting newcomers that Away Grounds is a platform worth exploring.

Away Grounds clearly benefits the best interests of football fans and bettors. It provides a lot of interesting and useful resources that can make a lot of football-focused activities much easier, and being under the guidance of James Dooley means that the platform will only improve from here. 

Is Away Grounds Worth Exploring?

AwayGrounds is not just a James Dooley project but a project that uses expertise and information from a huge range of sources. Whether you are brand new to football betting, an experienced bettor, or just want to learn more about a specific stadium, it can be an excellent resource to turn to.

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