The Rise of Android App Development in India: Why Hiring Indian Developers is a Smart Move

Android App Development in India
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Mobile applications have become key to business success worldwide. No matter which sector you’re in, chances are you’ve considered launching an app to sell your products or services to a larger audience at the tips of their fingers.

However, developing, maintaining, and scaling an app requires a dedicated developer or team of developers, and isn’t something that can be done with a few hours of work. If you’re looking to launch an Android app for your brand, you’ve potentially considered hiring Android app developers in India. 

In this guide, we tell you why this can be a lucrative solution for your business, and why the Indian market is the perfect place for you to source the talent required for this new direction your business is taking. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Android App Developers in India 

When it comes to mobile applications, Android apps take up a whopping 74 to 77% of the market share, making their popularity among the audiences, and their potential remarkable. In this section, we tell you why it would benefit your business to enter this space with the support of an Android app developer from India. 

1. India Offers Access to a Vast Talent Pool 

India has among the largest populations of young people or those below the age of 35 across the world. Additionally, with a huge chunk of this younger population being products of the tech industry, the country as a whole offers a large market for your business to find a dedicated Android app developer. 

The presence of such a large population results in immense competition among those looking to fill the limited number of open positions in organizations worldwide.

As a result, app developers always do their best to stay ahead of the competition by learning the necessary skills, getting themselves certified, and building their portfolios to make them stand out in the crowd. 

All these factors ultimately benefit an organization looking to hire an Android app developer, as they get to choose from a large number of skilled applicants. 

2. Incredibly Cost Effective 

Another key benefit of hiring Android app developers in India is that the country offers skilled labor at cheaper rates. When you compare the hourly rates in India to those in Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, and even other parts of Asia, India has among the lowest minimum hourly rates in the tech industry. 

For instance, hiring a skilled app developer with a few good years of experience will easily set you back between $100-$150 per hour, whereas you can get the same skills for as low as $25 per hour. 

This makes hiring Android app developers in India an extremely lucrative place for your business to source some fresh talent, as it can benefit from a combination of skills and experience at salaries that are a lot more cost-effective. 

3. Excellent Communication at All Times 

Android App Development
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Communication is the key to success in any team, regardless of which industry it works in. When you hire an Android app developer in India, one of the key benefits you get is that you always get candidates who are responsive and willing to collaborate. Communication is always a top priority, and this reflects in the work ethic of the Indian workforce. 

This, among many other reasons, is why the world is looking to India as among the best markets for them to expand their operations. India offers a large pool of skilled, sot effective talent that’s excellent at communication. This always leads to greater success, leading to significant growth in the Indian tech industry over the years. 

4. Advantages of a Different Time Zone 

Apps require full-time maintenance. Whether it’s the regular upkeep, responsiveness to bugs, or working on scaling its features and reach, it’s essential that businesses ensure their apps are taken care of round the clock. This is where hiring an Indian developer can come in handy.

The difference in the time zone between, say, the United States of America and India, ensures that even while you’re on your time off, you can still have a team of developers maintaining your app through the rest of the day. 

Another benefit is that working across time zones also makes the process of scaling your app quicker. For instance, if you’re in the process of adding a new feature to your Android application, chances are the process will be a lot faster if you have a team to work on it round the clock, as opposed to within a limited 8-hour window.

This ensures that businesses can keep up with the demands of the competition in a timely manner, and not be left behind at any point. 

5. Offer Diverse Skills 

Diverse Skills
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Another key aspect that sets Indian Android app developers aside from others is that they offer a wide range of diverse skills. One of the main results of the competition in the Indian marketplace is that the Indian workforce can no longer contend with being experienced in just one skill. Businesses within India and globally have come to expect developers to know more than just app development. 

App developers in India have taken the steps necessary to broaden their skill sets to meet this demand, ultimately benefiting the businesses that hire them. For instance, you’ll find several app developers who are also skilled in web development, digital marketing, and much more. Therefore, it gives businesses a wider range of skills without the need to hire additional members. 


As you can see, hiring an Android app developer in India can offer your business countless benefits. The Indian market has proven to be a tech haven in recent years, and an increasing number of businesses worldwide are still recognizing this potential.

From the availability of a massive talent pool to the benefit of affordable and highly skilled labor, India is the ultimate destination for your hiring needs. 

What’s more, if the process of hiring seems too time-consuming and cumbersome, you can always reach out to a talent agency to take care of the hiring for you. You can easily communicate your requirements to them, and they can connect you to the best talent for the role in question.

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