The Most Famous Brands Of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Recently, electric vehicles, which are highly practical, economical and environmentally friendly in operation, are replacing conventional cars with gasoline and diesel engines. In order for potential buyers to choose such electric vehicles with confidence in their quality and efficiency, experts have conducted a thorough research, comparing the characteristics of vehicles on the market.

This study allowed experts to compile a rating of electric vehicles, which are considered the most famous and in demand among drivers. This study was based on news analyzes from manufacturers and experts, online complaints from vehicle users, assessments of the quality of electric vehicles put by their owners and other information. In the rating, all the most famous electric vehicles are arranged in order of increasing popularity, so it is worth considering it, starting with the last and ending with the leader.

The most famous electric vehicles – we focus on the opinion of experts

Among the electric vehicles that have gained popularity and demand among a large audience of buyers are:

Nio. Electric cars are represented by a well-known Chinese concern, which has been manufacturing and producing cars with an electric motor, since 2014. Since the place of each brand in the ranking has its own index, this indicator for Nio was 6.95, which allowed it to take 10th place. The company logo is represented by a combined figure in the form of a hemisphere and a triangle, next to which is the name of the brand.

Mercedes-Benz. The world-famous company expanded its capabilities with the release of electric vehicles, and the Maybach became the first luxury representative of the collection with an electric motor. The logo of this brand is represented by a triangle, inside which two M letters are intertwined, denoting Mercedes-Maybach.

Bjev. This Chinese automotive industrial holding has united several automobile and engineering plants under its brand. Today, the company is only engaged in the production of electric vehicles, which allows specialists and engineers to fully focus on quality.

Geely. The largest Chinese concern, which today is actively engaged in the production of electric vehicles and hybrids. The company owns 9 car factories in China and trains its specialists in research centers in China and Sweden. The brand’s logo looks like a white mountain peak, above which the name of the company is located.

BYD. Another Chinese concern whose vehicles are popular all over the world. Today this company has its own automobile town, and the total number of cars produced by the brand is about 300,000 annually. The company’s logo does not differ in complexity and intricacy, because the name BYD is simply located in the horizontally placed oval.

BMW. The German manufacturer of cars and motorcycles today also offers electric cars to the attention of buyers. The company logo is known all over the world as an image of a propeller rotating at high speed.

GAG NE. A Chinese company that has been making cars since 1997. Today, its capabilities have expanded so much that the concern produces not only cars and electric cars, but also produces trucks and minibuses. As a logo, the company uses an image of the angular number 9 and its name.

One of the most famous German manufacturers, using various brands in the production of cars. The company logo, known all over the world, is the merging of the letters V and W in a vicious circle.

Audi. Another German concern known for the high quality of electric cars and other equipment all over the world. The hallmark of this brand is the 4 rings joined together.

Tesla. According to buyers and experts, this company is the №1 manufacturer of electric cars. The manufacturer received its name in honor of the famous physicist Nikola Tesla, and the brand’s emblem is the letter T, pointed at the bottom.

Electric vehicles from these manufacturers continue to gain popularity and are in demand among a huge audience of buyers.