Tips in Beating the Summer Heat While Staying Fashionable

Tips in Beating the Summer Heat While Staying Fashionable

The summer season is upon us and with it comes a lot of days that reach scorching hot 90 degrees. Dressing up for hot summer days may become extremely challenging, especially if you want to stay in your air-conditioned home wearing only your seamless cotton underwear to keep you fresh. However, work or other responsibilities make you obligated to get dressed up and go out. Fortunately, you can beat the summer heat without sacrificing your fashion style by dressing smartly in Arnhem clothing or by following these summer fashion tips. 

summer fashion tips

Choose Cotton

As much as possible, wear dresses or clothing that is made up of cotton. Synthetic fabrics are usually clingy and may stick to your skin during hot summer days. Although synthetic fabrics are ideal for sportswear, these fabrics are designed to make you sweat. You cannot be fashionable yet sweaty, so avoid synthetic fabrics and fabric blends at all cost. Also, when choosing cotton, you can’t forget your underwear. There are many ways to get comfy cotton underwear online from sites like EBY. Give it a try!

Wear Light or Bright Colours

Black dresses can give you a slimming look. However, there is a right time to wear black, and there are times when you should avoid it at all costs. When we use science into fashion advice, black is a combination of all colours and therefore, when you wear black, the black absorbs all the colours of light, making you feel hotter. On the other hand, white is the absence of colours meaning white reflects all colours. When you wear white or light items, the white will reflect most of the heat. 

Stick to Apparel that Falls Away from Your Body

You will probably want to wear no clothing at all if you see that the outside weather is too hot. However, the next best thing you can have is by choosing clothing that falls away from your body. For example, slip and wrap Arnhem clothing are free-flowing and do not hug your skin, giving more space for air to get between the fabric and your skin. 

Choose Open Footwear

Do not choose closed-toe footwear when going out during hot summer days. The heat of your body escapes through your heads and your feet. Wearing closed-toe footwear will not allow heat from your feet to dissipate, therefore leaving you to feel uncomfortable. If at all you need to wear closed-toe footwear, opt for a canvas or breathable shoes. 

Wear Two-Piece Sets

You can combine your favourite light top with your favourite free-flowing skirt to give you a more ventilated attire. Two-piece dresses will go well with any occasion and allow you to get air ventilation around your waist areas. 

The Lingerie Camisole

If you need to go out for casual activity, try to wear clothing that will give you the least amount of skin coverage possible. Rompers and lingerie camisole items from Arnhem clothing will make your look and stay cool. 

Wear Cutouts

Dresses with cutouts are already giving you areas that will let air in and body heat out. However, when choosing cutout dresses, make sure that the cutouts will match your body type and not reveal unflattering parts.

Go Braless or Wear Sports Bra

Go Braless or Wear Sports Bra

If allowed, go braless during hot summer days. However, if you need to wear one, wear a sports bra. As you are going to break a sweat from the heat, you must wear a bra that is designed for handling sweat discreetly. 

Beat the summer heat and stay in fashion by knowing the right type of fabric and dress styles to wear during hot and humid days.