How to prepare for CA – 10 best tips

How to prepare for CA - 10 best tips

In this article, you will know the ten best tips that will help you to prepare for the CA exams. CA exams come on the second number in terms of difficulty level in India. So, if you want to pass these exams, then you need to plan for it properly. Before making a study plan, you need to keep in mind some points which are given below. Once you know all these points, you can plan your exams very wisely. Thus, here are the most crucial tips on how to prepare for CA which you should know:

How to Prepare for CAĀ 

1. Complete Your Syllabus on Time

To complete the syllabus on time is one of the most important things to pass the CA exams. It is because you will get sufficient time to revise and solve the past attemptsā€™ question papers.Ā 

2. Revise the Whole Course Multiple Times

The course in this field is too vast. For remembering everything, a student must revise the whole course multiple times. You would forget everything without revision due to the extensive course. Consequently, there will be no use of your studies. So, revise your course as many times as possible.

3.Ā  Have Proper Guidance for the Exam

Guidance plays a very crucial role in passing the CA exam. There is a need to study smartly for the CA exams as the course is too vast in this field. You may take the help of any CA pass-out students who scored very well in the exam. Also, the best available option is to choose from the Top 10 CA Coaching Institutes in India, which provides the best guidance.Ā Ā Ā 

4.Ā  Prepare Notes

Preparing your notes will help you during the exams. In CA exams, you get one or two days in-between the tests for every subject. So, it is not possible to revise the whole course in one or two days.Ā 

Also, there are multiple subjects with a massive course, which makes it impossible to get complete perfection before the exams. Thus it is a must to revise the complete syllabus before sitting in the exams. If you prepare a summary of every chapter in each subject, then, it will make your revision easy on the last day of exams.

5.Ā  Solve MTP, Past Attempt Papers and Revision Test Papers

The papers are always lengthy in CA exams. There is always a chance that you couldnā€™t attempt the whole paper. So, it is a must to practice the papers before exams. For this, you should join any CA Coaching Institute which conducts proper mock test series. It will help you in getting perfection to attempt the whole paper in the exam. You can also practice the mock test papers on your own as ICAI provides mock test papers on its website.Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā 

6. Ā  Study Every Subject

It happens with so many students that they neglect the subjects which they do not like. Some students like practical so they only study and practice practical subject. On the other hand, some like theory subjects so they only consider the theory subjects. This is just common in Intermediate and finals but it should not happen. You should study and practice every subject of the exam to pass them.Ā 

7.Ā  Study Effectively

Always make a quality study if you want to pass the CA exams. Try to grasp everything and donā€™t be lazy while studying. In CA exams, one needs to give at least 9 to 10 hours per day to pass the exam. Above all, the time you provide should be productive. It is because if you donā€™t learn and practice the things correctly, then the time you spent would give very little output.

8.Ā  Study Regularly

It is essential to do a regular study, once you start your coaching for any level of CA exams. There is a lot of learning stuff which is not possible to grasp if you donā€™t study regularly. Do study every day; otherwise, it would be challenging to learn everything. It is ok to study someday less but studying regularly is one of the most important things.

9. Study Material

In CA exams, the papers always come from ICAIā€™s study material. Also, a CA student has to use the language given in the Instituteā€™s books to get marks from ICAI. So, whatever the Institute provides is best for you. ICAI provides two books when you register for the exams. They are:

  • Study Material: This book includes the complete chapters in detail. Also, the whole theory and practical questions of every chapter.
  • Practise Manual: In this book, last yearā€™s questions with their solution is available. In exams, questions come mostly from previous attempts. So, this book helps to score well in the exam.

Thus, never use any Coaching Instituteā€™s study material for the preparation of the exams. Since they use their language in theory and ICAI never gives marks if you use another language. There are some specific keywords in the theory of ICAIā€™s books. So, you need to use that language to gain marks.

10. Self Study

Self-study is the key to pass the CA exams. You cannot pass the exam without studying for yourself. Coaching Institutes can only provide the best teachings and guidance, but you can pass only through enough practice and learning. This profession is all about working hard. One has to study smart and hard to pass in one attempt.

You must have got the exact idea about how to prepare for CA after going through all the tips. Now, it will take no time for you to make the proper study schedule. CA students need to feed all these tips in mind before starting their studies.