How To Spice Up Your Bathroom Without Busting Your Budget

Spice Up Your Bathroom Without Busting Your Budget

Giving Your Bathroom A Much-Needed Makeover

With everyone staying at home more often, it can get easy to feel tired of your old spaces. That’s why it can be a good idea to spice up your home with a little bathroom revamp. Yet, bathroom renovations can burn a hole in your pocket. In such uncertain climates, being thrifty and spending wisely is essential and we may not be willing to splash out on extensive changes. DIY home projects are perfect to revamp your space and thankfully, we have some simple ideas to revamp your bathroom in under £50. If you need even more bathroom ideas, you can see more here.

1. Get inspired with a new ceiling

By having a newly painted coloured ceiling, you will be able to find a more personalised and unique space. It lifts the entire mood of the room. The biggest challenge here is painting the ceiling itself, you’ll need to source for a step-ladder to get yourself up there and protect your flooring from any potential drips. Use an old sheet to catch any paint drips and to protect your flooring. To best paint your ceiling, start off with a paintbrush to paint on a layer, get into all the edges of the wall and then finally end off with two full coats of paint with a paint roller. It’s also important to note that painting ceilings can be dangerous. Ensure you have sufficient space and that your ladder is steady to ensure your personal safety.

2. Spice up your storage space

The storage spaces in our homes are often heavily neglected, owing to the fact that they are often enclosed or treated as a ‘storage dump’ instead of a ‘storage space’. There are many quick and simple ways to refresh your storage space in your bathroom. Adding open or ladder shelves can give you the illusion of a more spacious and less boxy bathroom and it can be quite easy to find stylish or minimalistic storage solutions for your bathroom. With these shelves, you can also brighten them up with decorations or candles to accompany your soaps and towel.

3. Bathing among nature

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your bathroom is to introduce some plants. You can opt for smaller plants to fit within your budget but get a few of them to improve the entire atmosphere. Plants can generally help to add that natural and rustic quality to your bathroom space, softening the harsh sun rays that are reflected into your windows or from your ceiling lights. Plant varieties such as aloe vera and bamboo are good alternatives to start with as they grow well in humid and damp conditions. You can also opt for air plants that take in moisture from the air for your bathroom decorations. For bathrooms with low levels of lights, you might need to consider other plants that suit the low lightings such as dracaena or Chinese evergreens.

4. Change your shower curtain

Your shower curtain is one of the most obvious aesthetic pieces in your bathroom. Replace your old, mouldy or even tacky shower curtains with a new and fresh design to immediately give your bathroom a new personality. What’s even better than having a new statement shower curtain is the affordability of it. You will be able to have a huge impact at low costs.

5. Paint your wooden floor

If you do have a bit more time and budget to work on your bathroom, painting your wooden flooring will instantly renew the look of your space in a creative way. The only big challenge of doing so is waiting for the paint to dry. Before you start painting, remember to do a rough sanding down of your floorboards to get a more complete finish. If you’re opting for a more rustic look, consider sanding the topcoat as well when it dries.

Choosing the right kind of wood paint is also essential for your toilets. You’ll want to find an option that is slip-proof and durable, and enough paint for probably two to three coats. Choose light colours for the illusion of bigger spaces and darker colours for a more cosy feeling for your bathroom.

6. Having a statement wall

With some cheap wallpaper, you can easily have a quick revamp by covering a small wall. Outstanding designs such as large eye-catching flowers can take up a lot of attention from the rest of the space. This DIY trick can save you a lot of time and expenses if you’re not as inclined to renovating your whole bathroom space.

7. Accessorise

A quick solution to spice up your bathroom will be to accessorise it. You can find some small additions to accompany your space at supermarkets and they can be rather inexpensive too. Some ornaments and accessories you can consider include soap dispensers, air fresheners, candles as well as ornaments.

It would be even better, if your accessories aren’t only stylish, but also functional. For example, pay attention to toothbrush sanitizers, it is a good option to keep your toothbrushes clean and handy. Here you can find some models for your bathroom

8. Resealing the edges

Getting all wild and creative isn’t the only way to make your bathroom feel newer. Sometimes, a little replacing sealant can do wonders and it’s also relatively cheap as compared to the other solutions. Simply just remove all the old sealant by slicing through the edges from one end and gently removing it from the wall. You can then use your cartridge gun to reseal in a consistent and smooth motion before leaving them to dry for the night. If you really want to get a bit more creative, opt for a coloured silicone sealant instead of your regular white or grey ones.

9. Surround yourself with new paint

Painting your bathroom adds a whole new dimension to your bathroom. Try choosing a new shade of colour to make your bathroom space pop. For those who still want to opt for a neutral shade, try a taupe colour. It’s still relatively neutral as compared to bright yellow shades, yet it still adds a tinge of warmth to your bathroom.

10. Having a gallery of your own

If all the options aren’t to your liking, make the space more personal by creating a mini gallery in your bathroom. Choose a theme such as animals, nature or even scenes of you and your best buddies and family.


With that, there are many ways to revamp your bathroom space. Look online on sites such as Pinterest for more inspiration and to find a style that suits you. Read Also : How to Personalize Your Home with Wall Art