Why You Need to Buy Commercial Auto Insurance Online

Why You Need to Buy Commercial Auto Insurance Online
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From a personal level, you probably already know the importance of auto insurance, but when do you need to get commercial auto insurance to cover your business? It’s a question that should be on the mind of any business owner, especially if your employees are required to drive for a large portion of the job.

It ultimately depends on the kinds of vehicles you are using and how they are used to get business done for your company. Identifying these factors and knowing the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance can make a big difference.

Let’s look at some of these factors and differences as you determine why you need to Buy Commercial Auto Insurance Online for your company.

Protection ‚Äď Just like with personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance can be structured in a way where you are given financial protection against things like personal injury and other liabilities, such as collisions and uninsured motorist coverages. You can also get full coverage on your vehicles that protect against natural elements like fire, hail or flooding or other incidents like theft. The difference is that the policy limits for commercial auto insurance are typically greater than personal policies. These protections can be especially beneficial in protecting business assets from various liabilities and potential lawsuits.

Employees Insured ‚Äď When you use a commercial auto insurance policy, not only are your vehicles covered and protected but so are the employees who drive the insured vehicles, under the terms of the policy. This can also cover employee vehicles provided they are used for business purposes and that the claim expenses exceed the limit of a personal auto policy held by the employee. The coverage also extends to the use of a rented vehicle by an employee while doing company work. You should know, going in, that policies do vary, so consult with an insurance professional before you buy commercial auto insurance online to see what is covered and make sure you have considered everything before buying.

Specialized Coverage ‚Äď Commercial auto insurance can also offer many different specialized coverages, sometimes at no extra cost, that can prove to be helpful for a business. There is insurance for physical damage to a borrowed vehicle used for business, a lease or loan gap if a vehicle is totaled and the cash value of the car is less than what you would own, or theft or damage to electronic equipment within a vehicle like a GPS or DVD player.

With XINSURANCE, you can find the solution you need for customized commercial auto insurance for any vehicle you use for commercial purposes, including cars, trucks, haulers, taxi cabs, limousines, buses, medical transportation and more, all with customizable options for you depending on the specific needs in select states and your use of the vehicle.

Among the coverages you get when you use an XINSURANCE commercial auto policy include commercial auto liability, physical damage, new operators coverage, contingent auto, hired and non-owned auto liability, excess auto liability and more. You will be completely covered as you need to be with XINSURANCE.

XINSURANCE has over 30 years of experience in providing customized coverage plans in various areas, not just if you need to buy commercial auto insurance online, and specializes in helping individuals and businesses who may experience trouble or difficulty getting insured for their lifestyle or the activities they participate in. XINSURANCE can be of assistance if you have been denied coverage or had your coverage canceled or not renewed.

If you have questions about how XINSURANCE can help you or want to learn more about policies, contact them by calling 877-585-2853 or sending an email to info@xinsurance.com.