The Main Types of SEO: A Simple Guide

Types of SEO

70% of marketers see search engine optimization, or SEO, as more effective than Pay-Per-Click advertising. It’s no wonder, since Google alone handles hundreds of billions of search requests a year. That means getting onto the first page of its search results can skyrocket your growth.

So if SEO is so important, what kinds of SEO are there? Which varieties are most effective for small businesses and websites? And what are their benefits?

Let’s find out, as we take a quick look at the most significant types of SEO out there.

On-Page SEO

The clue is in the name. This kind of SEO refers to optimization of content that’s actually present on your website. The purpose of this type of SEO is to ‘teach’ search engines what your website is about. In so doing, you establish your website in the search engine’s ‘memory’ as a resource about a given subject.

For example, say you run a dog training business. When you design your website, you make sure to use lots of keywords and content related to dog training. When search engine web crawlers scan your site, they know to serve your site up to searchers looking for dog training tips.

Simple, right?

Almost. You couldn’t, for instance, just create a page on your website with the words ‘dog training’ written a million times. That’s called ‘keyword stuffing’ and search engines are too clever to fall for transparent attempts to game the system.

So use keywords, but only where appropriate!

Off-Site SEO

Once again, the clue is in the name. This is optimization of content that isn’t hosted directly on your site.

Think of it like meeting someone new. You base your opinion of them on their behavior, but also on how others talk about them. The same is true for websites; search engines aren’t just interested in what’s on your site, but if other sites refer to you as a trustworthy source.

This way, they can establish both the subject of your content and its legitimacy. This is why a great social media strategy and working with other sites can be great for small businesses. More info on that here.

The Worst Types of SEO: Black Hat

The only reason to mention this is to ensure you avoid it. This is a type of SEO that uses spambots, stuffing, and other nefarious and underhanded methods to build an SEO profile for your website.

Not only is it dishonest, it doesn’t work. Search engines are constantly improving their AI to catch this kind of SEO, so don’t waste your money!

Super Excellent Optimization

By understanding the types of SEO and executing them well, you can take your business from zero to hero overnight. With a clear, well-designed website and good relationships with external sites, you can establish yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable source in the eyes of millions of potential customers.

Just don’t overdo it on the keywords.

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