Ways to Style Linen Shirts for Your Beach Vacation

Linen Shirts for Your Beach Vacation

Nothing quite compares to a linen vacation shirt in terms of summery style. These shirts are ideal for every situation, whether you are trying to look casual or seem sharp. First, check that your linen beach shirt fits you well. It should not hang loosely or appear sloppy, but at the same time, it should not be excessively tight or constricting. If you know how to properly wear a beach shirt made of linen, you can put together a fashionable and casual look to wear all day. Check out these eight striking ways to style your linen beach shirts for men to learn how to make the most of this adaptable garment.  

Open and Relaxed 

Unbutton and untuck your men’s linen vacation shirts to embrace the casual beach feel. You can wear a linen shirt over a basic white or coloured T-shirt to give off a laid-back but polished appearance. As you embrace the warmth and sand, the airy qualities of the linen fabric will keep you from overheating. Wear your shirt with trendy and comfortable chino or linen shorts to complete the casual beach look. Put on some flip-flops or cosy sandals to give your outfit the ideal finishing touch of beachfront comfort.  

Over a Tank Top

Wear your linen beach vacation printed shirts open over a thin tank top or a sleeveless top for a layered and versatile appearance. These styles keep you cool in the summer while giving your outfit depth and aesthetic intrigue. Choose a tank top in a neutral hue or a complementary colour for a coordinated and fashionable look. You can wear layered shirts with a pair of lightweight shorts or trousers that match the colours of your outfit. Add a comfortable pair of canvas trainers or clogs to your beach-ready ensemble that will make it easier and more fashionable to stroll down the beachfront.  

Rolled-up Sleeves 

Roll up the sleeves of your beach vacation linen shirt so you can have a relaxed and effortlessly stylish appearance. This little addition gives your clothing a touch of easy charm while keeping you cool on the beach. You can find many printed shirts online to complete the look. To complete the carefree beach appearance, wear a rolled-sleeve white shirt with comfortable shorts made of traditional denim or airy linen. Choose slip-on shoes or comfortable sandals for your footwear to easily transition from the sandy beach to seaside cafés or bars. These shoes should also be stylish and easy to wear.  

Beach Blazer 

Layer your men’s beach shirts under a thin blazer to up your beach holiday look. This blend skillfully fuses refinement with a carefree beach image. Choose a blazer made of breathable materials like linen or cotton to ensure your comfort in the warm weather. For a smart-casual beach look, pair the linen vacation shirt and blazer combination of tailored shorts or chinos in complementary hues. Choose loafers or boat shoes with a clean yet casual touch to finish the polished look.  

Knotted at the Waist 

Tie the ends of your beach printed shirts at the waist to add a dash of carefree flare to your beach holiday ensemble. This straightforward knot gives off a casual and laid-back vibe ideal for taking in the beachy ambience, while the printed motifs add to the vacation vibe. For a casual yet chic beach outfit, pair the knotted linen shirt with shorts or swim trunks. Put on a pair of espadrilles or flip-flops to complete the casual look and give your feet the room they require for extended walks along the shore or touring nearby sights.  


Your linen shirts for the beach are incredibly versatile and can be sported in so many incredible ways. Utilise your linen shirt to its full potential as a chic beach cover-up over your swimwear. Allow the linen shirt’s fabric to flow loosely in the prevailing beach breeze by wearing it open and leaving the buttons off. You can quickly and easily toss on this multipurpose garment when you need a little coverage or style while enjoying beach activities. Wear it with printed swim shorts or linen pants for a carefree, beach-ready look. Add a pair of cosy sandals or flip-flops to move from the beach to seaside cafes and eateries.  

A Classic Look

Wearing your linen shirt as a quintessential beach shirt can help you embrace the timeless vacation look. For a casual and carefree style, button it up and leave it out of the tuck. To recreate the spirit of the beach, choose a linen shirt in a light, airy colour like pastels, white, or soft blues. Match it with breathable, light shorts in complementary colours. Linen or cotton shorts work the best. Finish the look with a pair of cosy sandals or boat shoes to keep the laid-back beach vibe while adding a dash of refinement.  

Under a Lightweight Sweater 

You can layer beachwear shirts for men with a thin sweater for a flexible beach style that changes with the weather or cooler evenings. Pick a thin knit jumper in a neutral hue or a complementary colour. Wear the jumper over the unbuttoned linen shirt to put together a chic and layered look. For a sophisticated look, pair it with pants or chino shorts. Remove the jumper as it is colder and allow the linen shirt to take centre stage. Accessorise the outfit with canvas trainers or boat shoes for a chic, cosy, beach-ready style.  


In conclusion, saving your linen beach shirt for the summer is unnecessary. You can wear this versatile garment in many ways throughout the year. There are many fashionable ways to wear a linen beach shirt, whether you want to feel more at ease in the heat or add texture and variety to your ensemble. Therefore, the next time you shop for a casual summer item, consider getting a linen vacation shirt instead!

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