D.W. Arthur: Some Facts About Dora From Arthur

D.W. Arthur
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The D.W. Arthur character has been one of the most loved and adorable creations in animation. In fact, for more than 250 episodes, she continued to serve as a role model for numerous girls. If you do not know, let me inform you that Arthur is an animated TV series that is targeted at girls between the ages of 4 to 8. Kathy Waugh created this show, based on the Arthur books written and illustrated by Marc Brown, for PBS. The show is based on Elwood City, which is basically a fictional place, the series traces the life of Arthur Read and his close associates. 

D.W. or Dora Winifred Read is Arthur’s younger sister, who is also a pre-schooler. She is a four-year-old little Roastmaster General, schemer and dreamer. The series first premiered in 1996 and On the 22nd of February 2022, the series drew to its closure. Throughout its journey of 254 years, the series went on to bag many accolades including the George Foster Peabody Award and four Daytime Emmy Awards. Therefore, if you wish to know various facts related to Dora, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

Who is D.W. Arthur?

We already know that D.W. or Dora Winifred Read is Arthur’s younger sister. She is not the main character in the series. Yet you cannot deny the Main Character Energy which she gives off throughout the series. If you wish to have a description of her, then there are a number of adjectives that would suit her perfectly. She hates Spinach but loves Unicorns. She has a perfect understanding of her rights. At the same time, she also has the ability to sweet-talk parents and can effectively humble people. 

About D.W.

Moreover, D.W. was apologetically annoying and refused to accept the role of a sidekick. If you are looking for someone who can tell well-made jokes with a solid sense of timing, then Dora is the best option in the series for you. At the same time, she is highly vocal and has a stellar imagination. This constantly attention-seeking girl also has the habit of telling lies frequently. However, through her attractive personality, she has influenced numerous girls. In fact, at one time D.W. Arthur costumes became very trendy among young girls. 

In fact, she also became a meme material with the advent and popularisation of social media. One such D.W. Arthur meme became viral. It showed Arthur who is about to punch D.W. However, she is never submissive. Rather, she is a bossy little girl, showing a mixture of traits of a newborn, a maiden aunt and a debate champion. 

Marc Brown, the creator of Arthur, has an interesting story to tell regarding the creation of Dora. Let me inform you that Marc grew up along with his three sisters. According to Marc, he created Dora based on all three of his sisters. This, therefore, adds an element of personal touch to the character. That is why she emerges as the most lively and humane of all the other characters in the series. 

Concluding Lines 

We have seen at times that animated characters become more real-life ones under the author’s pen. The same holds true in the case of D.W. She is the mischief maker and bossy little brat. However, you cannot help but adore this character from the series. 

About D.W.


1. Know here Who is D.W?

D.W. or Dora Winifred Read is Arthur’s younger sister, from the animation series Arthur.

2. Who created the series?

Kathy Waugh created this show, based on the Arthur books written and illustrated by Marc Brown, for PBS. 

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