Some Life Facts You Should Know About Rikkie Leigh Robertson

Rikkie Leigh Robertson

Rikkie Leigh Robertson is famously known as the former wife of A.B. Quintanilla III who is an American record producer and musician. Robertson is the second wife of A.B. Quintanilla III. She is dating someone new now and her age is thirty-two. Also, she did not have any kids with her former husband. As she was part of the famous Quintanilla family she was in the spotlight for some years. But after her divorce from her husband her popularity gradually decreased. That is why there is not much information about her. However, we have gathered some information about her. Find all about it here. 

Rikkie Leigh Robertson Wikis

Real Name ☛ Rikkie Leigh Robertson
Birthday ☛ March 14, 1988
Birthplace ☛ Corpus Christi, TX
Zodiac Sign ☛ Pisces
Nationality American
✔ Height ☛ 5′ 7″ (167 cm)
Profession ☛ American Model
Dating/Girlfriend ☛ Quintanilla
Married/Wife ☛ Quintanilla Ex-Wife
Net Worth ☛ $3 million (As of 2021)
Parents ☛ N/A
Siblings ☛ N/A

What do we know about Rikkie Leigh Robertson? 

The birth date of Rikkie is 14 March 1988 and her birthplace is Corpus Christi, Texas, United States. She has British and Scottish origins. There are no details about her early life but she became a model and a host. Moreover, she has played small roles in TV series and films. But she did not become very popular in the entertainment industry. According to her photos, she has good features. She has brown hair and brown eyes. 

Her Relationship with A.B. Quintanilla III

A.B Quintanilla has eight children from his marriages with a different woman. The name of his first wife was Vangie. With her, he had Svani and Martika. The rest of the children he had from his other relationships between 2002 and 2007. Moreover, he also has one grandchild. 

In 2011 he married Rikkie Leigh Robertson. Rikkie was his long-time girlfriend. But in 2016 he announced in one of his concerts that he is going to divorce her. The couple did not have any children from their marriage. After her Quintanilla married Anjelah O who is an Argentinian woman. Their marriage happened on September 16, 2019, in a top destination in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

Rikkie suffered a very ugly divorce with AB. She shared that she does not care about her anymore. Therefore, that is why she wanted to get out of the relationship. Now she is in a relationship with a man whom she met through the music band of AB. 

Is Rikkie on social media? 

Rikkie is active in social media. Although she is no more part of her husband’s family she is supporting them. On her Instagram page, she honoured Quintanilla’s sister Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Selena is also called as “Queen of Tejano music” who became a famous icon. Moreover, she is the youngest kid in the Quintanilla family. 

But in 1995 she died because of a gunshot to her subclavian artery. This saddened the family so they are trying to remember Selena by making music. Many film and movie adaptations made based on her life. 

What is the net worth of Rikkie Leigh Robertson? 

As Rikkie is a model and actress her net worth is $1 million. She is also famous on Instagram. Her former husband’s net worth is $5 million. According to some sources, Robertson is living a comfortable life. She is trying to make it big in the industry. 


Rikkie Leigh is a model and actress and she wants to become famous in the industry. So we hope her hard work will help her to get more modelling projects.

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