How to Find Reliable Local Dropshipping Suppliers


One of the key considerations for anyone who wants to open a dropshipping business is how to get reliable suppliers. They are essential in dropshipping because the seller doesn’t see or handle the product before it’s delivered to the customer. Therefore, because of how vital a role suppliers play in dropshipping, they can make or break your business. 

And by the way, finding the right supplier doesn’t just apply to dropshipping alone; it is the heart and soul of most businesses, whether online or retail. For instance, licensed and regulated iGaming sites, such as, must also find reliable content providers to supply the best games for patrons. 

Regrettably, getting a good supplier is one of the most challenging tasks because the dropshipping business is marred with the risk of getting scammed. So how do you sieve the chaff and land trustworthy local dropshipping suppliers? Stick around to find out. 

Importance of Picking a Local Dropship Supplier 

It is easy to start your dropshipping business on offshore platforms such as AliExpress, where you create an account, pick suppliers and get going. However, sometimes it’s not always the best decision for your business. Here are a few advantages of working with a local dropshipping supplier:

  • It gives you a better understanding and improves your long-term relationships.
  • You escape issues like aside time lags, cultural differences and language barriers.
  • It’s easier to hold the local supplier accountable for product quality which is sometimes taxing when dealing with an international supplier. 
  • Most international suppliers require you to pay upfront for your products. However, if you can land a supplier with a favourable MAP policy, you will enjoy a 30-90 day grace period to make your payments.

Finding Reliable Local Dropshipping Suppliers

Getting a reliable supplier will have an all-rounded impact on your business, including:

  • The delivery costs and time 
  • Merchandise quality and pricing
  • Your business reputation 
  • Customer satisfaction rate.

So, if you have opted for a local supplier, the next step is to have strategies for getting reliable suppliers. First, vet all suppliers before contracting them and buying a product to gauge their efficiency and ensure their products achieve the required standards. Below are a few ways you can get in touch with a good supplier:

Contact the Manufacturer

Contact the Manufacturer

Once you identify your niche products, the fastest and easiest way to find a local supplier is by contacting the manufacturer and requesting a list of their wholesale suppliers. After looking at different manufacturers and a supplier’s name pops up severally, they are probably reliable. Next, contact the suppliers to see if they dropship and check on creating an account. 

Make Google Your Friend

Finding local suppliers is sometimes tricky because some have a limited online presence. Moreover, those with an online presence might have a lousy web experience due to poor optimization, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard the supplier. 

Make Google Your Friend

Additionally, even though Google might not yield many results, it doesn’t hurt to check. On the web browser, type ‘product niche name + supplier’ and see what you find. For example, type ’bag dropshipping supplier’ and see which suppliers appear. After that, start eliminating the suppliers based on product quality, location and reputation. 

Visiting a Trade Show 

Visiting a Trade Show 
Image credit : The Sun

Check if there are any trade shows happening near you and buy tickets. Though the ticket prices might be a bit high, it is one of the best strategies to get a reliable supplier because you can meet the suppliers and check out the merchandise in person.



You can also source dropshipping suppliers from your competitor if they are also using local suppliers. Scroll through their website to see if they have mentioned their supplier or buy a product from them, and when you receive the package, it will have their supplier’s name on the shipping label. 

How to Identify Fake Dropshipping Suppliers 

Some local dropshipping suppliers have great websites but don’t offer value for your money. Here are a few quick tips on how to spot a fake dropshipping supplier:

Selling to the General Public

In most cases, to work with a supplier, you will have to open an account with them. This process helps suppliers weed out businesses that are not legit. 

Monthly Fees

Wholesale suppliers don’t charge their clients fees for doing business with them. Therefore, if a supplier requests you pay a monthly subscription fee or a service charge, that is a red flag. However, the supplier directories will either have a one-off or a recurring payment.

Suppliers Who Don’t Charge Pre-order Fees

To enable suppliers to pick and pack products individually, they charge a pre-order fee of a couple of dollars. 

They Lack Minimum Order Sizes

Most suppliers have an initial minimum order size, the least number of products you can buy on your first order. The minimum order size helps suppliers identify legitimate businesses and avoid wasting time with window shoppers. However, if you don’t need to purchase the minimum order size indicated, you can pre-pay your supplier to build credit which will apply against your future orders. 

Final Thoughts

It is overwhelming when trying to look for a local supplier who is compatible with your needs. Take advantage of our tips today, and you’ll be able to launch your dropshipping business successfully. Aim at forming long-term relationships with local suppliers to build trust, an approach that will also grow your business simultaneously.

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