Why Do Teenagers Rebel Against Parents?


In the stages of growth, adolescence is the main stage that involves greater changes within people. There will be a wide transition between childhood days and adulthood days of your emotions and physical activities. At this phase, teenagers get some maturity. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the stage of adolescence from 10 to 19. 

In terms of biology, adolescence means the sex organs’ growth or change and thus puberty arrives for them. In addition to getting some physical changes, teenagers also experience psychological and social changes. Some of their changes include, 

  • Becoming over sensitive
  • A sudden change of mood or mood swings
  • Feeling much conscious about their own

The significant task after becoming an adult is the address of their identity. In such a transition period, teens mat start getting many questions in their minds. Thus, they may get confused often about their education, love, drugs, alcohol, and friendship. Sometimes, they think in such a way that they are in the center of a universe. They often think about themselves and also think like others are also thinking about them. 

With their wishes and thoughts, sometimes they may stay away from their family members. They will not mingle with their parents as they got some other interests like love, friendship, and sex, etc. 

Why Teenagers Became Rebellious Against Parents?

In the adolescence phase, one goes through vast changes and thus makes them feel confused and irritated. Here are some reasons that are why teenagers became rebellious against their parents.

The first reason is that adults want to stay on their wishes. They look for greater independence and thus they rebel against their parents.

The second reason is the peer groups. They always enjoy with their peer groups and thus, they establish new changes on seeing others in peer groups. With such changes, they become closer to the groups but not to the family members. Thus, this pressure of staying closer with peer groups leads to teenagers’ rebellion against parents.

For example, a girl who is very traditional as per her culture will start wearing modern dresses. This is after seeing one of her friends in the peer groups. When her parents ask to dress good, she will rebel against them

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The next reason is the decision-making authority of teens. Teens always want to take control of their life and never allow their parents to interpret. But parents will not leave them, though teens show hatred. Thus, teens started becoming rebellious against their parents. 

All the above rebellious acts of teens will upset and anger their parents. Thus, the home will no longer be sweet but will change into a battleground. With a huge generation gap, parents will not understand their kids’ needs and desires. Thus, parents need to understand their children at first and then should act accordingly.

Guidelines To Help Parents:

  1. Never argue with your children and allow them to express their feelings openly. Always listen to their words and understand their point of view.
  2. When you are not close to your children, you need to connect with them emotionally. Express your feeling that you care and love them a lot.
  3. Always spend some quality time with your children. Additionally, try to do and engage in your child’s favorite activities.
  4. Never frame any rules for your children, as today’s culture is much different. But you need to explain some facts clearly that why they should not do such things.


As a parent, one has to understand the fact that why children are rebelling. If you find it hard, you can meet a counselor and get some ideas from him.

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