SmiHub – View Instagram Stories and Post Secretly, Reels, Images Viewer


The story viewer app SmiHub gives all of its users and visitors the option of remaining hidden. You can therefore simply view the stories of any other family members or friends. Without revealing your user names, you can access more features on Instagram. Like viewing profiles, watching the reels of other users, and more. 

You can view the stories of our friends and keep an eye on other people and followers. You can also keep seeing all kinds of posts that are related to various users. If you are curious about this website and want to know more then read this article.

SmiHub Overview

SmiHub is a site that offers users with a wide range of well-liked tools for account research.  You can check profiles, watch videos, photos, reels, stories, and other parts of profiles, such as followers, comments, and more, on the website.

The fact that you can browse all of this content quietly is great. Additionally, you’ll be able to save stories and reels as well as images and video posts. People look for sites like these to get ideas for social media posts or to build a collection of their favourite things for later viewing.

Since it launched in October 2018, many people who wish to see stories secretly have found it to be the ideal solution. Users can even start saving content and posts for later use.

Features of SmiHub

  • There are methods for viewing stories privately.
  • Additionally, you can download images, stories, and videos.
  • Get a detailed check of your followers, views, and likes.
  • You can browse accounts in an incognito way by doing this.
  • It is an open-source, free platform.
  • This is a clean, buffer-free, and simple-to-use tool.

More about SmiHub

You don’t have to pay anything to use this service, and they are entirely free to use. For instance, you can just click the download option when you wish to save video clips to watch later. All of the clips will be downloaded to your device so you may watch them at a later time.

Not only that, but you’ll have a better understanding of how to produce high-quality content and acquire more follows with a solid Instagram strategy because you’ll be able to gain suggestions and share stories relevant to social media news.

To reach your intended group and release additional content that will make you stick out on the platform, you can check rivals and see what they’re doing on their accounts. Again, it is totally free, so all you have to do to get started is go to the website. It’s the ideal alternative for studying anonymous accounts because there isn’t any way to upgrade your service.

How to Save Stories or Post?

  • Visit, the site that used to be known as SmiHub.
  • Put the name of the account you wish to look for in the field provided.
  • Enter to start a search

After you press enter, a page including all the details about that profile, including the followers, location, connected profiles, and tags, will appear. You can download in addition to being able to view the various posts.

You can also use the following method to download Instagram pictures or videos:

  • To download from Instagram, use the orange “download from Instagram” button in the upper right corner.
  • Put the URL of the picture or video you wish to download in and then follow the on-screen directions to save it to your device.
  • Overall, users can visit the website quite easily to obtain videos, photos, or even to browse accounts for analysis.


To find out what they thought of the web-based service, we got in touch with a range of users. The fact that it was totally free was one of its most well-liked qualities. Viewing articles on any account and easily saving videos and images are both popular features.

If you want to store photos and movies for later viewing, having a tool like this is incredibly helpful because the service makes it difficult to download content.

The ability to look for a login and retrieve all of the associated data with that account is another feature that users today particularly enjoyed about it. If you want to monitor a profile for private purposes or conduct research, they provide helpful options.

Does it Really Work?

Yes! They have no means of knowing who is viewing because you can read stories and browse social media profiles without logging in. One of the best features of it is that it lets you view public Instagram accounts or tagged posts secretly without having to reveal your identity.

Its key features include secret viewing and downloading. We truly admire that you can use the site’s free services without creating an account. Additionally, it does not allow users to publish any content, including photos, so that there will be no stories or images that later trace back to you, providing total privacy.

Is It Safe to Use?

Smihub is authentic, yes. It will keep your login fully hidden as you can use it to view files or even read a story without the users being aware.

It doesn’t track your other activities on social media or track your IP address. You won’t experience any problems using the platform because your session isn’t linked with any specific account, and your personal information is safe.

Smihub Alternative


It’s a social media marketing platform that enables companies to take advantage of Instagram’s enormous user base to gain exposure for their goods or services.


It can help you download Instagram images and videos in the same way that a standard Story Audience does. For business or entertainment purposes, this content can be used more creatively. Its account-seeing functions are designed to collect data about users, rivals, and platform influencers.

The tool is largely used to grow a following of devoted customers, interact with them via Bots and instant message, and expand one’s audience by regularly posting on Instagram. It is quite remarkable when planning posts, analysing hashtag trends.

Insta DP

InstaDP offers users a real easy way to view and download the tales of their friends and favourite celebrities before they go. It uses the time-tested method of pasting a username, which when completed allows you to browse an account of your request privately & download files without the account owner’s notice.

Insta DP

This website-based service offers more than just stories. Additionally, you can download images, videos, and art in their original value. The software also offers a user interface (UI) that follows the well-liked minimalist approach.


Instagram stops you from saving pictures and videos from both public and private profiles. But everything may be saved with this app. Although it is not an official app from Instagram it is usually thought to be more dependable than some other third-party apps.

Because it has more features and is free to use. Smihub is the better alternative if you’re seeking for such an anonymous Instagram picture downloader. Read this article to learn more about in detail.

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