CW 100 Cast Recalls Shawn Mendes’ The 100 Days When The ‘Great Guy’ Starred In The 3rd Season’s Premiere

Shawn Mendes’ The 100

It’s been a while since the wonderful singer Shawn Mendes has starred on The CW’s show The 100. However, the cast members remember Shawn Mendes’ The 100 days. In other words, they remember the time when Shawn worked in the show. In fact, they have called the Grammy-nominated singer Shawn a ‘great guy.’

Well, if you are a follower of the show The 100 then you have surely seen Shawn Mendes. Fans might know about Shawn Mendes’ the 100 show. So, the officials of the show featured Shawn in the season 3 premiere as an Ark Survivor. In the premiere, he appeared as Macallan, the Ark survivor and this is something the casts have recalled.

So, in this article, we will provide you with a few cool details on what the cast has said about the singer. On a virtual panel, a few actors of The 100 came and reminisced about the show’s previous days. Well, follow this article to know a few stuff about what they had to say about Shawn Mendes The 100.

Stars From The Show Reminincsed About Shawn Mendes The 100 Previous Seasons

While chatting on a virtual 100 panel with Armageddon Expo a month ago, ahead of the show’s 7th season premiere, a few stars from the show provided their vision of the show’s past. So, in that Panel, the stars were asked if they had the chance to meet the Singer.

Well, Sachin Sahel, the one who plays Dr. Eric Jackson said that he had hung out with him a lot on the stage. In fact, he even complimented him saying that he was indeed a great guy.

Not only Sachin Sahel but other stars came into the mix. Soon after Sachin, Richard Harmon, who plays John Murphy said that he also had a chance to meet the famous singer Shawn Mendes. He recalled the Shawn Mendes The 100 days and said that they had gone out to dinner a couple of times.

In fact, the stars also recalled that Shawn invited all of them to a concert of his. However, a couple of them couldn’t go because they had work to do in the sets. Sachin too reminisced the Shawn Mendes The 100 days and said, “I’ve seen him actually three times in LA since… Really good guy… loved the show and good dude.”

However, it’s true that not all of them met the singer at the set of the show’s shooting. Despite being in the episode where Shawn appeared, Jarod Joseph, who plays Nathan Miller never got the chance to meet the singer. In fact, he didn’t even have the chance to watch the broadcast as well.

He said to the panel moderator, “No, I didn’t know he was on the show… I always heard that he was, but I never ever saw it or him.” Therefore, to him, it’s a sort of myth.

Shawn’s Twitter Request

Shawn is a big fan of The CW’s The 100 show. So, in the year 2015, he tweeted to The 100 writer asking if he could act in his tv show. So, the creator Jason Rothenberg quickly responded affirmatively. A year later Shawn Mendes joined the show for the season 3’s premiere ‘Wanheda: Part 1’ as Macallan. Of course, he did use his voice on that show.

In that episode, Lindsey Morgan’s character Raven requested a song after seeing him trying to steal. So, Macallan obliged and played the piano. He sang Violent Femme’s song Add It Up quite effortlessly. Well, it was a marvelous experience for him and the audience.

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